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1. "Turn Up The Heat" Pheromone for Men
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3. AMMO Cologne - "Ammunition In the Battle of the Sexes!" Pheromone Cologne for Men
4. "Instant Openness" Ice Breaker Pheromone for Men
5. "Instant Honesty" Communication Pheromone for Men
6. "Instant Gentleman" For Men
7. Come Talk To Me (V2.0)

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Androtics Direct :: Spray Pheromones :: "Turn Up The Heat" Pheromone for Men

  "Turn Up The Heat" Pheromone for Men (TUTH/m)
"Turn Up The Heat" Pheromone for Men 

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Price: $29.95 (€ 26.06)

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Turn Up The Heat - Sexual Pheromone For men

It gives you:

  • A strong physical & sexual presence
  • A clear signal that now is the time to get physical

Turn Up The Heat works exactly like a thermostat. 1 spray is smoldering, 2 sprays intensely hot, 3 you're on fire... 4 sprays... ouch! A little does a lot, so always start low when using Turn Up The Heat.

At bars or nightclubs, we recommend using just 1 or 2 sprays, applied to the chest, behind the ears, or on the wrists. Turn Up The Heat can help attract women looking for a sexual encounter at these venues.

When dating, only use Turn Up The Heat when the woman is comfortable enough with you to take things to the next level (this usually requires a minimum of 4-7 hours spent together at different venues). After you've spent some time together building comfort (which you can do with Instant Openness and Instant Shine), you can then literally Turn Up The Heat. Start by using just one spray. If necessary, add one additional spray every time you meet, up to a maximum of 5 sprays total.

Using Turn Up the Heat in this manner will Turn UP the SEXUALITY, and help to MELT last minute resistance. Guaranteed.

Important: This is potent product. If you are a first time user, get the lowest strength version. Less is often more with Turn Up The Heat. Using too much can be perceived as you "coming on too strong", which can be as bad as not coming on at all. 

We recommend you always start on the low side, and never exceed 5 sprays at a time maximum. Be aware the higher the dose, the higher the age range of women you'll attract. Lower is best for younger women.

Please be cognizant of your effect on other people at all times. Blatant displays of sexuality are not appropriate for some venues or people.

Caution: Not suitable for the workplace or for normal daytime activities, except for users over 40 that have lower overall pheromone levels. Such users may benefit from using 1 spray of Turn Up The Heat per day. Please do not use around children.

365 Day Complete & Utter Satisfaction Guarantee

Like all the products you get here, Turn Up The Heat comes with our famous manufacturer-backed, 365 day complete & utter satisfaction guarantee. You'll get noticeable results that you want or your money back. We give you the return policy that we ourselves wish all stores we shop with had.

We're so serious about this, that we actually built easy, automated returns and exchanges right into the order system! It's as fast to do returns and exchanges, as it is to order. That's right, there's no one you have to call for approval, and no guessing as to where you send returns.

You can truly relax shopping here, knowing that returns and exchanges really are easy and hassle free.

  Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback


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Customer Feedback & Advice

"OMG, TUTH v1.1 is absolutely crazy 5/5. At the club, 5 girls were dancing with me like crazy, they were all extremely interested, imitated my moves and even 2 guys were cheering at me, other girls spotted my pheromone trail from away and closed in on me on the dance floor! TUTH is absolutely a must for me at the club. I wouldn’t wear this during the day though, since it can make other guys pissed at you. Perhaps you can counter act the negative feeling other guys get during the day with Come Talk to Me 2 (CTTM2). Also, it adds a lot of confidence to your self. At the club I was wearing TUTH v 1.1 and CTTM2. The results are absolutely insane! In my opinion, you should not buy TUTH if it is your first product here, you should get the feel good pheromone first and then you can add to the feel good pheromones some TUTH at the club to make it sexual. TUTH’s sexual results are absolutely fantastic, very fun; it adds a lot of pep to your night out. I will definitively reorder when I run out."
Written by: A guy that lives in Canada

"I think ur full of it man, and that u work for the company... I tried it and so did 5 other of my friends at different clubs in different days... It did NOT do that *effect..."
Written by: This guy from 'canada...

"this product is sooo hott"
Written by: aussie dude

"i used this and many ladies got horny."
Written by: A guy in US

"LOL This stuff works great, it pisses off your homeboys though."
Written by: Someone

"New bottle of Turn Up The Heat $29.95, bottle of Patron Silver $47.99, being pulled down on the kitchen floor at a party by someone's wife after 4 sprays...Priceless"
Written by: ChaseEmALL

"Just got my order of TUTH, Openness, and Gentlemen and they sent me a travel sized shine and female magic for free. You cant beat this service. Oh and the products work great."
Written by: Michael

"So i bought the junk, sprayed it on, hit up the mall, and LAUGHED MY ASS OFF ALL DAY LONG. The shit is so strong, had the best cutstomer service everywhere that had a girl, all these cuties were walking up and flirting, my friend and i were chased throughout the entire mall all day. Even the milfs with their husbands were checking us out. Im running out cause everyone wants to be sprayed, my friends dad asks me to do it every time he goes on a date, he gets mad laid every time!"
Written by: Adam dude

"woah.... the night club seemed so much more different... women jus started smiling and talking to me"
Written by: Jason

"Great product. You have to carefully manage the dosage but it works perfectly"
Written by: Jamie

Written by: john

"I was on the dance floor and I had 3 girls touching my "toy" and it was just nutz...what happened after...well try this and you'll see!"
Written by: Bob

"did not notice much difference but it definately did not smell bad, which is a good thing. i will try it a few more times but it did not seem to work at all the first two times. however, those who say that it smells bad are mistaken. in my opinion it actuallt pretty decent. very potent and fragrant, but not a bad scent."
Written by: scwalsh88

"this shit is just awesome !!!!!"
Written by: a guy from aussie-ADL

"lol good product"
Written by: jacks blade (coconut creek, CA)

"brilliant stuff, got lots more attention than usual just don't over do it!"
Written by: UK 17 M

"Works fab! Like a dream!"
Written by: Bob Hope

"AMAZING! My wife loves Turn Up The Heat and can't stop smelling me. Heck, I can't stop smelling! This smells amazing! I give it 5 stars! Worth the money! I'm getting another bottle when it's time for sure!"
Written by: SpizyChicken

"My buddy had some and he let me use a few sprays.. we went out with some girls weve been hanging out with as friends for about two years, and low and behold, within about 15 min, i noticed how much more interested they were in me.. and by the end of the night, i had a good old fashioned makeout session with one of them.. inbetween jobs now so no money to buy it, but definatly gonna buy it once i get my first paycheck!"
Written by: Jacob from Jersey

"maybe I am too sexy as it is, because 1 spray caused my girlfriend to break up with me. I don't know if it's the spray or just me"
Written by: Ikera

"Didn't really notice anything.. Might work for others though"
Written by: oz

"some of this was delivered with my Ammo and ive got to say the smell of this stuff is quite nice, id probably describe it as "aqua". i've not actually had a chance to test out the pheros in it yet but hopefully they wont disappoint :)"
Written by: B33T

"I'm not a guy who writes reviews but this has to be an exception. I'll start by saying I was wearing a combination of Turn Up the Heat, Come talk to me and Pherlure. The results we very impressive. At a bar/ nightclub I had one girl I had met before give me major conversation even letting me know that her boyfriend was out of town and that she would be available the following weekend. Later that night she grabbed my ass while I was talking to another girl. I had another girl who I had never even met before walk up to me, hug me and start kissing me on my neck. I would have to give the aggressiveness of these womens' action to Turn up the heat."
Written by: Smoove

"havent had the chance to test TUTH on opposite sex just got it 2day however am amazingly pleased how fast the postage got in ooohh also got a free SHINE gift. great stuff"
Written by: abz

"works... hooked one on my first night"
Written by: bob

"This was the first pheromone i have ever tried and i bought it to use on one particular lady. The first 2 times i used it and was around her i didnt think it was working, but when i looked back and thought about how she was reacting etc, i know it was working. It doesnt stop people's free will / resistance, but it certainly helps things in the right direction. In the end it had the desired affect - she let go of her resistance and pounced on me lol. It has a pretty strong cologne smell, but she commented on how nice it smells, plus i use my own cologne with it too. Excellent product!"
Written by: Luke

"I used TUTH for the first time today, I havent used it at any clubs yet but there was no noticable change in women being attracted to me that I noticed, however, the self effects were astounding. Boy do I like this stuff, seems like more of a performance enhancer than anything else, increases sense of alertness, will definitely buy again. Would have been nice if it did get women attracted to me but no noticable effects on that yet...I consider myself pretty good looking but they arent attracted to that either!"
Written by: Chris

"I've recently begun combining TUTH with Instant Gentleman and it is amazing the results! Women see me as a really cool guy who knows how to be naughty."
Written by: Snoopyace

"I did everything as I was told to do and I still have not had any luck what so ever!!! I evening let a friend try my bottle at work to see if the ladies would react to what he was wearing and still nothing and this guy works in a local womans prison and one would think they would be ripping down the bars in order to get near a man wearing this stuff. but still no luck and to think I was told to get the lower dosage first because the other one was to strong for first time users..... "
Written by: Big Ed

"My first order of TUTH came today, with a free gift of Instant Openness... I gonna test it on my partner tonight... wish me luck, although from reading the reviews, i don't need it!
By the way, the customer service is exceptional, i've already got some mates to check out the website... keep up the good work!"
Written by: Carl, 30, UK

"jus got mine the shipping"
Written by: uknome

"it really wotks! thank you guys for the good service and for gift as well"
Written by: Michail Kulevic (London, England)

"Ordered Sunday (in Canada)... received order today by DHL. Amazing speed for shipping... "
Written by: Robert

"i ordered mine... i plan to see if it effects a certain girl i like, but im really skepical of it..."
Written by: bry2k

"it is like an instant lay every time you this!!!"
Written by: Chris

"used 1 spray of this with 2 sprays of ammo and it helped a lot thanks.
Only had to wait 3 days and thanks for the free gift ( not sure if i will use it mind ( instant jerk ))"
Written by: jn1964

"Females: spray this on your pillow before a romance... it really works to get you relaxed and in the mood. I use it when I know my boyfriend will want to get lucky and I'm not in the mood.. it really changes my mind!"
Written by: Mindi

"It does hav a bold smell in it, and it smells pretty good, but im not sure that it stirs up anything sexual. but still i guess its worth its price"
Written by: Max Z (Spartanburg, SC)

"To the person who said he had no luck with it: don't use it. I have, it seems, naturally high androstenone levels. Guys like me and it's because I constantly tell them that they are better than me and act super humble. They still respect me and say they want to hang out with me etc. If I speak lightly, it still sounds loud. I always wondered why guys wanted to fight me all the time when I was younger. If I wear this stuff without a softener it makes guys HATE me and women just stay away. It took me awhile to figure all that out. My best combo is 3-6 sprays of IFM and one IShine or MX135 then after an hour or so just a little, little bit (not even one spray) of TUTH for that sudden head turn, you can see their thoughts about you changing, sudden throwing themselves at you that is just so much fun even if you're old like me and don't take them up on it! It might be that I need that little bit of TUTH now because I've hit the four decade mark. Who knows."
Written by: 12+ Yrs. Phero Experience

"Amazing! got hit after hit...after hit. Works just like described, just dont over do it. Androtics rocks! "
Written by: Cos

"Used this twice for wife, at (1) spray chest, (3) IS neck, and (1) IO chest. Wife likes the smell, but that's about all I got out of it....bummer for me I guess. Not giving up just yet...."
Written by: John T.

"heck yea..girlfriend beware!"
Written by: Ty

"I used 2 sprays and girls were so horny and all time around me...waiting for next party :)"
Written by: cako

"I used this with Instant Openness. And how flirty my friend was against me, she was pushing her against me, speaked in flirty voice and like that! And my other girlfriend came very horny and wanted sex with me... Wow, I like this."
Written by: Sober

"I tried yesterday with my wife but i got horny hahaha"
Written by: Andy

"fast delivery ,
I personally don't like the smell of it. Smells like Body odor and urine.....I am still experimenting with tuth and IO. TUTH has a very strong odor to me.....I had to cover it with non Pheromone colones so I was not turned off. "
Written by: rich salvemini (Binghamton, NY)

"Ok so i accidently clicked poor when I rated this stuff, but its FAR from the truth. Im 20 years old and im usually drawing the short end of the stick with women. This stuff has changed that dramatically, I walk into a room and women just fawn over me. And im not just talking about young teens and such, I have dated a 30 year doctor for 2 weeks now, and i contribute it all to this stuff. Its worth buying."
Written by: Adam

"This stuff defiantly works. It will piss some girls off but others will be sexually attracted to you."
Written by: Nate (Allstarmvp256)

"smell like instant shine , but instant shine work better."
Written by: Alex

"Hell Yes!!! this stuf works i just purchased Instant Openess, Shine, Honesty, and Gentlemen and the good folks @ Androdirect gave me a Togo bottle of TUTH for free, so i used a combo of all except. TUTH 3 spray after I ended up with a good friend and some chick he just met. Within a hour we was headed to a motel for a three-some and i think she wanted me way more than him, she was all over me tellin me she felt like we was like longtime friends after briefly talking with me alone in the car waiting for my homie to come back from store lol...i really believe in mones now with no doubt period...good job androdirect your the best "
Written by: Adell Gray, Jr (Trenton, NJ)

"Well for the second day I put some on before going to the Gym for a workout. More women were looking me over than i had ever noticed before. They were not being too subtle either. No conversations, but they seemed to want to stay within range of where I was. I have ordered some AMMO. that and TUTH, in combination will finish them off for sure"
Written by: John ross (Ottawa, CA)


My girlfriend loves this stuff and so do I"
Written by: David

"this shit works"
Written by: bingbonger

"This stuff is not a scam, but it's not a miracle product either. All the naysayers probably expected to squirt it on and go into the club and tackled by hot women. It doesn't work like that, you have to use it with your own vibe. If you suck with women to begin with, this won't make you any better, but if you're confident and act like a man, it makes it fish in a barrel.
The tattoo steroid jock crowd are the ones this doesn't work for at all because women don't consider you "Sexy" they consider you a toy. This is more for the intelligent, soft spoken, funny guy that the girls go after.
Good luck and check out the forums."
Written by: PHerocloud

"Worked like very sexy cologne"
Written by: joseph

"works great i had my asian friend re considering her sexual orientation."
Written by: mike

"I tried it today,. I gotr some free Shine with the order. I wore it for w workmate that I am interetsed in. .. No response. I'm not giving up. I'll get back after a few more tries."
Written by: Rob

"One or two sprays with A314 worked pretty good for me even at work. Gave off a sexy vibe without being too overtly sexual. Once for fun I did 5 sprays at that strength you can call it instant milf magnet or cougar bait. Don't let that worry you, at lower doses and mixed with other products it can and does work on younger chicks too!"
Written by: Izzy

"hmm i just sprayed 3 times on my chest and 3 sprays on neck, I went out the grocery store and saw some fat woman eye balling the fuck out of me. I wasn't so sure if it was because im good looking or the TUTH was working it's magic, but moments after realizing that she started fixing her boobs like this bitch was squeezing them and everything and I looked away because they were just a set of tits of a fat woman. I guess this crap works... Im gonna try more later tonight when I go to the gym. and no for all you fuckers that say this is a scam... it isn't you need to be patient not everyone gets lucky that fast some people just progress faster than others."
Written by: mattt

"Hey, tried this stuff and it's hit and miss. got no responses from some women yet very strong sexul responses from other.

it definately works, jsut some women hide their feelings better 1 and a small group of woman are not affected by it.

definately a tool in your kit box on the night out, don't expect mircles though, all it will do is enhance your presence and create slightly more opportunities for you."
Written by: Manni London

"Unbelievable...i am a good looking guy and dont really need this for attention..but the first nite I tried it with my frigid girlfriend..WOW!!! She became very receptive! She couldn't keep her hands off me! This is not going to have women jumping on you like a commercial..but it does create a magnet! Cant wait to try it at a club..liquor, lower inhibitions..well worth the price!"
Written by: M.G

"I always thought that pheromone colognes were a con game but boy was I wrong about your products. I tried a tiny bit of Turn Up The Heat on my pulse points (wrist, chest and neck) before bed and when my wife and I began getting frisky she was more aggressive than she had ever been before. Usually my wife is reserved and likes me to be the aggressor but this time she grabbed my head, kissed me passionately and took charge of our sexual encounter. I don't know if this product will get a stranger to jump your bones but it will DEFINITELY make your wife or girlfriend become more sexually aggressive with you"
Written by: Ryan

"I haven't figured out the layering process yet. This stuff seems to have a strong effect, scary even, so I tried to cut it with IS and/or IH. Each time, shut it down completely. Tried again, layered with a commercially available cologne. Same result. Tried it again by itself, back to the "too strong" state. (Guess you can tell I'm a newbie at this.) I guess it takes more talent to make use of this than I thought."
Written by: SG (Vero Beach, FL)

"This product really works. You need to have the confidence to approach women, as well as the ability to maintain a conversation. If you lack conversational skills, then I would recommend you consider working at improving that before you purchase this product."
Written by: d

"I have a number of products in my permanent arsenal, that include TUTH (Double Strength). And you are MAD if you don't own this as part of your seduction repertoire.
As a user of double strength, I find that 1 spray on the neck is plenty, with my routines.
Or, to add to the neck dose, by adding a further spray to one wrist and I share it with the other.

Try this product, according to the recommended dosage, it will impress.

I give it the maximum rating."
Written by: Robert, Australia

"OH MY GOSH this is amazing. I had been dating this girl for 2 weeks and we only kissed once, but with 2 sprays of this we were making out and doing some dry humping, amazing!!"
Written by: David

"Okay, I was almost positive this wasnt going to work. I played the ordering of it off to my friends like it was just a joke. And i was completely going to hit up the 100% money back (which i was certain was a scam too) when the stuff didnt work.

I've gotten laid 2 of the 3 weekends since I ordered it. This is not a joke, not a company sponsored review, not even me strutting my obvious swagger.

I wore this to the gym, class, and out for parties/beer pong nights/clubs/etc. The only time it has given me any success was during the nightlife. Which is perfect.

I'll spray a little during a workout and hopefully catch conversation with girls I know or meet at the gym. Once they smell it, it's almost a complete leap from attitudes. It's like they now understand that I'm down to fuck and have the capability of coma-tizing them with my sex.

Sorry for the uber long review. This shit has made my past 2 weeks. Have a bootycall lined up at 3 today with the girl from last night."
Written by: David M

"this is the best product offered in a spray. gets me laid every time i use it for that purpose."
Written by: mike

"when I got ammo I got this as a free gift. Ammo didn't work. But this one really worked for me. but when I was alone with a girl, not in public. it really TURNED UP THE HEAT. damn ..."
Written by: Kevin

"Did not work for me..."
Written by: David

"I bought this a while back, got maybe a little action from it, but recently I used it while with someone I really wanted to get close to. The results were ...unbelieveable. We did things that I had only dreamed would happen. No lie fellas... but I'm pretty sure she needs to be into you as well."
Written by: SLR

"If you use a tiny fraction of a spray, women of the club-going variety will be humping your leg. Even if they did not previously like you. If you spray one full spray or more, people will most likely say you smell like dog urine, especially certain people who are genetically predisposed. No matter how much you wear of it, guys will definitely hate you. They will probably look at you like they really want to punch you in the nose, even if you haven't said anything to them. Be careful, use it in moderation. It works best with black women and avid partygoing/clubhopping women."
Written by: sofearnot

"Ok so i used 1 spray TUTH and 2 sprays Instant shine today at school. I was in lab and my lab partner got so close to me and gave me loads of IOIs. Due to the proximity, i was so turn on and got an erection during the interaction, although there were no physical going on. Not sure if it's because of pheromone or my confident. Sometimes i wonder if the pheromones i wear turn myself on or people around me. lol "
Written by: MJ

"I was pleased to get it in the mail the next day, and the customer service is on top of their game! My invoice was personalized with a little note, showing how much they value their customers. As for the product I'm optimistic, even if it doesn't work it still smells great. I pay more for less with normal cologne anyway. "
Written by: Jake

"first of all i tried all of the phermones here (except for alpha) this is the only one that worked for me! honestly i dont care about advertising this product plus its almost $60 bucks (too freakn expensive) but here is my real life story: i put 4 sprays on, then i went to class...what happened next was so shocking and i actually felt bad for the chick, more than 5min in sitting next to her (luckly we were sitting in the back) she started to breath a little deeper! she looked my way few times and smiled but thats no big deal, i get that actually all the time...what shocked me was she literally started to move around in her chair like she had the ants in her pants (if u know what i mean)! i felt bad when she really tried to compose and control her self but i swear, i kid u not...she started eyeing my package!!! i was a little embarassed cause i was starting to get hard in was a big mess, "turn up the heat" ended up working on me aswell lol!"
Written by: superman111

"Some people said that smells good, someone said like dog urine... Which is the truth ? What's the truth ? (I think that, positive tellings coming from this company.) "
Written by: noname

"I use this when the wife and I are preparing for some "alone time" and it drives her wild. I don't think it will have women falling over themselves to sleep with you if your a stranger but if you know you are going be intimate with a woman use this first and she will lose all inhabitions in the bedroom"
Written by: Derrick

"I have volumes to speak about why I love this product, but I'll just stick to one example. I was going out to meet this girl for the first time, and before I left, sprayed 2 sprays on my chest. When we met, one thing led to another, but she told me she never had sex on the first date. She had her head on my chest, and told me I smelled very good. A little more fooling around, and that statement turned out to be very untrue in my case. I cant say it was all the product of the spray, but maybe that made the difference between first meeting and maybe second or third time. I plan on buying more."
Written by: Josh

"Great stuff!"
Written by: Horz

"work everytime i use it!!!!!"
Written by: JCD

"Absolutely PERFECT for the dance club scene. In places where talking your game up is not an option, it's time to bring out some heat! Spray some on your chest, and wrists. Combine with some Instant Openness, Grow a pair, and hit the dance floor. You will be amazed in the amount of women just somehow melt, and let you grab them for a dance! "
Written by: Blonie

"I'm very outgoing and tend to have a positive response from most women anyway, so I was curious what effect this would have (enough is never enough, I guess). Simple fact is that no pheromones are miracle workers. But combine it with confidence and the willingness to take a risk, and this can show marked improvement. For me its worked best with women already interested in me.

Note: Please don't use much of this during the day. There's a reason neurochemicals favor sexual activity in the evening/night. The scent is a bit unusual and stand-offish in something like a work setting, but the Alpha line for respect is suitable enough for creating a similar effect there to what this has elsewhere."
Written by: BC

"Ok, I swear this works. I have been hitting on this crush of mine for 3 weeks now and got very little response. Today I got this in the mail, along with instant shine. I put both on and went to her house to give her a book she wanted.. She has been texting me crazy.. She wants to go out.. She is asking me out!! I can't thank you guys enough.."
Written by: HAHA

"Best product EVER!"
Written by: Ricky

"2 sprays of 2x ammo and 1 spray 2x tuth. I've been invited on vacation with a girl I've only said hi to here and there. The vacate to Disney everything paid for. I have my female supervisor complimenting inappropriately everyday like she forgot she even told me to begin with and she's married with children, I have hot girls staring into my eyes trying to get my attention from literally over 10 yards away. So compared to ppl who knew me to begin with, it makes girls want me and they want to be my gf. As for strangers , the girls who want a relationship will need to feel like that your not going to use them for ass. My advice as someone who doesn't need this but likes how it cuts the time more than in half. I'm talking about if a girl typically doesn't put out in 2 monthes give it a month. Don't talk about your sexual intentions or more than likely she will put her guard up. Let the mones do the seducing is the trick. Just spark conversation let her talk as much as possible, guys mess shit up when they talk on this. You gotta act how your perceived on this. If you act line she has something to prove and she has a number of girls to compete against your set. Don't. Get all lovey dovey and talk like a sissy whose never had a real relationship before or one nightstand, this stuff doesn't make girls stupid. It makes them want you, but just like a fat girl giving up her vage your not jumping on it, you still have your mind, but shes gonna wanna jump your bones with this stuff after first glance but she's going to want to see some consistency in your nature. I wish I had more advice, this stuff works with game. I know it works because I call girls out on their bitchiness and fakeness and they still respect me and screw me. I'm not a beleiver in the a314, but i know ammo works and tuth makes the girl think your sexy and if your already good looking it makes girls want to let you know."
Written by: perceived as perv

"I am a girl and have heard good things from other women about using this product, I literally just got it and put the littlest amount on and WOW I have to say the smell is great on me and makes me feel sexier and more assertive. I can't wait to try it out at the club next weekend :) (p.s. I'm straight)"
Written by: Shelby

"I ordered TUTH yesterday and it arrived this morning, very fast delivery. It came with a free gift of P75 tester. TUTH smells great a light citrus scent. I will try this and post my first experience with it later.."
Written by: must

"I just love it !!!"
Written by: Finn

"Ive used this product many times. The smell is nice, and the product does work. If the woman is even slightly interested in you, this gets you that rest of the way there. I am a massage therapist part time, and I have used this while massaging some clients. The phermones mixed with my sweat from the exertion is a deadly combination. Seriously gents, this product is legit."
Written by: Rob

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AMMO Cologne - "Ammunition In the Battle of the Sexes!" Pheromone Cologne for Men AMMO Cologne - "Ammunition In the Battle of the Sexes!" Pheromone Cologne for Men
"Instant Gentleman" For Men "Instant Gentleman" For Men
"Instant Honesty" Communication Pheromone for Men "Instant Honesty" Communication Pheromone for Men
"Instant Shine" Feel Good Pheromone "Instant Shine" Feel Good Pheromone
"Instant Jerk" Fantasy Fulfillment Pheromone For Men "Instant Jerk" Fantasy Fulfillment Pheromone For Men

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"This pheromone is in a class of its own. Nothing is better at attracting Cougars!! Whether it is colognes or pheromones.) As like all things in life, nothing is ever guaranteed...but, with this product you should brace yourself to be trampled by hot cougars, just in case. Sometimes they take notice from clear across the room, even, when you walk in. I'm not sure how that happens. But I have to say, if I were in charge of the company, I would rename A314 to "Cougar Bait.""
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