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  AMMO Cologne - "Ammunition In the Battle of the Sexes!" Pheromone Cologne for Men (AMMO-30)

AMMO Cologne - "Ammunition In the Battle of the Sexes!" Pheromone Cologne for Men 

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Now you can get more of the attention you crave with...

... in the Battle of the S e x e s!

Imagine if cupid moved from old style bows & arrows to modern machine guns, and you get the idea!

AMMUNITION allows you to go out and hit 'em where it counts: down there...

(yes, you know where!)

It's a pheromone cologne that's really easy for you to use. No thinking is required... you can literally just "spritz n' go."

It has a balanced blend of 3 human pheromones in a unique, top notch cologne (FF21).

The cologne was designed for us by no less than world's #1 fragrance designer. They're the secret designer behind many of the award-winning brand names colognes you're familiar with.

You could easily find this cologne in the department store, next to all of the other bottles that cost between $65 to $90.

The pheromonal blend in AMMUNITION has been shown to get you friendly and, yes, even sexual attention. All without being excessive or overbearing.

Just spray some AMMUNITION on to your wrists, and maybe a shot to the chest (exact instructions below), and you're ready for a date or a night out clubbing or barhopping.

While AMMUNITION is ideal for men club and bar going men 18-35, it's what inside the bottle the counts, and even men older than 35 have enjoyed both the pheromonal effects and the fragrance.


You use AMMUNITION just like a cologne.

Keep in mind it not only has an attractive scent that others will be able to easily smell, but also has human pheromones in it which will affect both how you feel and how others around you feel.

Start by giving each of your wrists a full spray of AMMUNITION. You may then use your wrists to dab some AMMUNITION behind your ears, and downward toward your neck.

Some people also find a spray of AMMUNITION to the chest to works very well.

While AMMUNITION is one of the easier pheromone products to use, the ideal amount of AMMUNITION will vary from person to person. Just like we can't tell you how much of any cologne will smell right on you, or how much salt you'll like on your food, some experimentation is necessary.

Most users have found about 3 sprays of Ammunition to be ideal. Up to 8 sprays per use are possible without using too much pheromone. Higher doses will, of course, smell more, and are only advisable you're going into an environment with lots of sensory competition (crowded bars, nightclubs, etc.)

Like all colognes, AMMUNITION smells much more strongly at first than will in 15 minutes after the fragrance "dries down" and "settles".

AMMUNITION only has a 10% concentration of fragrance, versus 15 to 20% found in most colognes and sprays, and for good reason. This allows you to use more sprays of AMMUNITION than you'd be able to use of a normal cologne.  

For the more experienced, or men over 30,
you may want to consider the double strength version which provides 15mcg total pheromones per spray (5mcg androstenone). With the stronger version, you can apply more pheromone and less cologne. A maximum of 4 sprays of the stronger version is advisable.

  Combination's & Modifications

AMMUNITION is balanced and will be great for most people by itself. For others, it'll provide a fantastic starting point. Here's some recommendations on how to extend and modify the effects of AMMUNITION:

For some users, adding a spray of two of Instant Shine has increased the attention getting and sexually suggestive effects of AMMUNITION, without making the mix too serious or overwhelming. Try applying Instant Shine to your neck to affect you more than others, or to your wrists to affect others more than you.

To increase the raw sexuality (and seriousness), use along with 1-3 sprays of Turn Up The Heat. Consider applying the Turn Up the Heat directly to your chest.

To make the mix friendlier, lighter and some might even say "sillier"... use 1-5 sprays of Instant Openness applied to your wrists or to the hair on your head.


Contains 3 human pheromones in an attractive department store quality cologne.

Total pheromone per spray: 7.5mcg (+/- 5%) with just 2.5mcg of androstenone making it very easy to use.
Total pheromone content per bottle:
1500 mcg
Sprays per bottle: Approximately 200

The primary effects from the product should last approximately 6 hours. Lesser effects should be noticeable all day, and may run into the next day.


Unlike the purchase of similarly priced products such as cologne (which you get no support for whatsoever), support for this product is available and offered through our exclusive user forum.

You get a forum account for free with any purchase. For your convenience, your forum account is created automatically with the same username and password you register with here.

At the forum, you can get advice, tips and tricks from other users like you, as well as our staff.

365 Day Complete & Utter Satisfaction Guarantee

Like all the products you get here, AMMUNITION comes with our famous manufacturer-backed, 365 day complete & utter satisfaction guarantee. You'll get noticeable results that you want or your money back. We give you the return policy that we ourselves wish all stores we shop with had.

We're so serious about this, that we actually built easy, automated returns and exchanges right into the order system! It's as fast to do returns and exchanges, as it is to order. That's right, there's no one you have to call for approval, and no guessing as to where you send returns.

You can truly relax shopping here, knowing that returns and exchanges really are easy and hassle free.  

  Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback


User Rating


Customer Feedback & Advice


Just got mine today. Very clean and pleasant scent. I purchased the Heavy Ammunition version (I'm 36yrs old, caucasian) and 3 sprays initially (wrist, chest,b ack of neck) was my scent limit. 3 hours later and the scent is still there. Will definitely wear around the office or jazz/piano bars at the 3 spray or less level, nite clubs or sports bars etc. I would probably bring the bottle along for an extra spray.

Haven't had time to put the pheromone content to the test yet but i purchased this specifically because it was intended to be a "cologne" type pheromone spray. In that regard, the scent works for me and have no doubts about the efficacy of the pheromones underneath.

btw, the package got here before USPS could even update their tracking info! "
Written by: josef

"The perfect stand-alone for guys. I get comments on the smell almost every time I wear it. If only they knew what it really was doing.

The results from the pheromones are amazing. There are always ladies who are giving extended eye contact, indicators of interest and personal space invasions.

All in all I love it and wouldn't be caught without it ever again. I'm not sure how I've survived without it for the past years."
Written by: steveo - Memphis

"My girlfriend *LOVES* the smell of Ammo, and while pheromones themselves won't reel in women, after being well dressed/groomed taking care of ones self, Ammo is definitely great icing on the cake, and a very effective icing at that. "
Written by: MMaddox

"Great social sexual product which creates a general upbeat and fun mood among people around you while projecting a hint of restrained sexuality. It works well as a general use cologne and subtle yet very effective phero enhancement. "
Written by: Nbully79

Written by: Aznmanhoo hoo(auburn, WA)

"This is my favorite product so far. It makes life go the way you always knew it should. Mixed with a little instant shine and some instant openness and your a "Cool daddy cocktail". Weather at work, the mall, parties... its always happy hour."
Written by: TexasT

"Good stuff. Probably the best stand alone product I have used. I bought the 2x strength. Like the scent. Good response from women.
Written by: bkshilo

"Try this: 2 sprays ammo add bar and depressed waitress. Tell her to smile. She says "You should make me". I took it as a challenge. Great stuff. Buying more again soon. Oh it smells good too."
Written by: bigjake

"Makes having sex with any women a simple task. With ammo, anyways for me, i can get sex once a week, at least, from a different girl. Ammo with a very very very very very small amount of tuth is great. Ammo with IH is great. Ammo with mx102 is CRAZY but the mx102 must be kept low or intimidation is too great."
Written by: Unknown

"I used a spray to my wrists, ears,chest and back of my neck.I also applied two drops of A314 to my wrists and neck. when I went to the club, women kept approaching me. becoming more and more aggressive, they were competing for my attention. in essence they were using me as a stripper pole. all my friends where in awe of me. great product I highly recommend it. if you buy this product I hope you like attention because you will get it, money well spent I will buy this again. "
Written by: C. Cooper (bethel wa.)

"lol its the next best thing since sliced bread!
ammo is *and should be* the FIRST thing a person new to pheromones should look at!...its one of those products that opens u up inside and boosts up that self confidence and gets you eye contact with hotties all over the place! its a MUST!"
Written by: sharkboy42003

"Just thought I'd post to see if it came up and check if all these "posts" were actually planted by the marketing department of Androtics. As I work in psychiatry I've often wondered why professionals so often get themselves into trouble by having affairs with patients, who are often unattractive, both physically and in terms of personality. I started thinking: people with schizophrenia often have poor personal hygiene. Is this why? They don't wash off their pheromones? Hmmmm....."
Written by: Alan Lawrence (Gillingham, Kent)

"For the younger guys, watch out, it hits you and the people around you pretty hard and you may have to play around with the dosage a while to get it just right - I had to use less than 1 full spray! Add a touch of Instant Openess, make eye contact with your target, and you're good to go."
Written by: Andrew

"Ammunition has given me some situations so crazy that you wouldn't believe me if I told you about them. It works, whether the ladies are younger or older. I got a lot of compliments on the quality of the scent, too, from guys and women."
Written by: Catlord17

"Damm!! I just placed my order Sunday. I went to check the status of the package and the door bell rings. You Guys are awsome!!!! I opened the package. Pulled out the invoice which Had a cute little Note from APRIL! What Service!! I can definitely say without a Dout that Your products Work!!!"
Written by: Leo

"Fantastic service - from order placed to received 48 hours - and I'm in Scotland!"
Written by: NeilC

"After plenty of trying I have finally lost my virginity after taking ammunition. I would like to take credit but really wearing this cologne is the only thing I changed!"
Written by: Fulgere

"i didn't figure it would do much, if anything at all, but it does have an effect... it's not strong, women aren't going to throw themselves at you, but they do become a bit more friendly and talkative.

had good reactions at the bar, though... alot of smiles, eye contact... hooked up with a very sexy college girl who was far out of my league.

has a great scent, very fresh and cool... definately worth the money, though when i run out i might try a different kind.

4.5 of 5 stars."
Written by: Bill

"Smells great, yet to try but definitely pleased with the outrageously on-time service provided. Also received a free gift, a to-go bottle of Instant Shine, which I also purchased afterwards!"
Written by: Al (Honolulu, HI)

"Smells great, and the shipping was very fast! Oh, BTW...Thanks for the free gift. I'm looking foward to trying this out!"
Written by: Jared

"I`ve tried this last night with A314 and effects was amazing :D I love pheromones it is best thing I ever tried :D must have,,, changes life!"
Written by: Dion

"Fantastic smell, just like a good quality cologne. Very impressed so far with the results and with the fast delivery! 2 days from LA to London AND it was a weekend!"
Written by: Richard

"3 days delivery to UK very fast thanks
Nice smell and it got me a hit with tuth as well thanks for the free gift as well :)"
Written by: jn1964

"hahahaha... damn.. it works... lol hahaha.... arived this afternood and tried applied a spray of ammo, half a spray of instant shine and half a spray of turn up the heat... after a few hours went to register as a voter.. then 2 girls suddenly eyed out on me, sat at my table smiled initiated conversation.. BOOM.. lol... obviosly interested... well you know probably what should have happened.. lol hahaha.. works big time.. experiment on the quantities so you know how you want it to smell.. hurts when i smell when i when i try more than 3 sprays.. try it it.. "what ever floats your boat" ^^ the smell lasts for hours.. going to try on club this friday night.. ^^"
Written by: ben

"a very fast delivery exactly 48hrs to Dubai and to be honest i didn't believed at first a word from the user reports! but after i tried it i really cant describe how pleased i am it has a wonderful smell the self effects puts you in a chilled and relaxing mood and makes you alerted of every little thing around you and the way it effects others i cant be 100% sure coz i didnt have time to test it yet in a proper environment as most of the reporting users did but i did notice a change in the women around me as they started to play more with there hair trying to be more cute and it was so obvious that they where trying to sniff something, i got surprised that one of my guy friends told me he dousent know why that he got turned on ... any how i still cant say for sure but im 100% aware that it affected me and im happy with it and cant wait till the new ammu is up for sale
ill be giving my full review in the user forums as i test it properly

i would like to thank Jacob for the free gifts and taking the time to handwrite some thing nice THANK YOU :)

and yah 1 more thing i just got my second shipment of TUTH and IO ill be reporting on them too ;)"
Written by: AK (Dubai, AE)

"My favorite stuff... makes me feel like brad pit from fight club =D
also made out with a crazy hot goth chick who usually hangs out with band members and what not, two shots of this and it didn't matter who I was I was the man. plain and simple"
Written by: Kymer (Newport, NC)

"The best thing to wear while your getting a haircut :P

The hairdresser kept constantly playing with my hair like a she was wild from a jungle, her face was blushed like a peach and she couldn't asking me questions or talking :D

1 Ammo , 3 Hits :P

For the yonger guys who are 17, one squirt of ammo should be the maximum number of sprays :)

Written by: Copy Cat (Glasgow)

"this works fantastic - in the first week itself I enjoyed 2 different women - AND they liked "MY" Performance"
Written by: sex creazy

"AMMO + IS = Rockstar.
The combo makes girls feel really sensual!"
Written by: sexyBACK

Ordered this stuff a couple of times, and the shipping really is fantastic - very impressive indeed. I really like the smell of Ammunition too - it's worth buying just for the scent.

Not sure about the efficacy of the 'pheromones', but regardless it's a good quality cologne for a reasonable price. "
Written by: UKGuy

" Received mine a few weeks ago. Got the chance to test it properly over the weekend. I gotta say this stuff is amazing. I think its naive to think that this stuff will have girls falling at your feet, but I have to say, as long as you have a little confidence this stuff makes it 100x easier to score.

One example I can give was when I was at a bar on Saturday night. I noticed a fairly hot girl walking in just as I was leaving. I went up to her and within 2 minutes I was kissing her.

Fellas, just have some confidence and this stuff will do the rest."
Written by: Zak

"just ordered a bottle of AMMU, plus the IS and TUTH I've ordered back on Monday..... looking forward to them, I really hope it works"
Written by: Beezy (Coventry, West Midlands, England)

"wow just thought id leave a message to say how pleased i am with the service, only 2 days delivery to the UK !! I have used the products before with amazing results, give it a go uve got not alot to loose and perhaps alot to gain ;-)"
Written by: LC UK

"I am a lesbian and I use this stuff. And wow. Not only does my confidence go up and I love smelling myself. But I notice females looking at me. Some approach me, obviously not knowing why because some say some silly things. I've hooked up with a couple "straight" women in a club I frequent. Some of my female friends tend to act a lot friendlier and flirty. And almost everyone likes the scent."
Written by: C.M.T (VA)

"Good product, I got pretty good results from it. Personally I got better results withA314 mixed with Turn up the Heat and Instant Shine. But being almost 40 I think I needed stronger products. If you're in your teens or early 20's this is it."
Written by: Izzy

"AMMO works great, I've been using it for a week now and I love the smell when it dries down and so do the people around me... It may work or may not, but it's the same price as a department store cologne and smells just as good too. Give it a shot! You won't regret it!"
Written by: Will, HI

"very satisfiying product i put some on before i left for work and all the sexy girls were feeling my pretzel and i was like 'o rightttttttt' ^_^"
Written by: tarquin

"This is, by far, my most favorite pheromone. Well, this and Instant Shine. For me, it does its job like 80% of the time. Actual quote from one of my hot girlfriends at school..."OMG...I don't know what it is. You smell so f*ckin GOOD! I just always want to be with you."...That is just one small experience out of many."
Written by: Shem Knott (Camp Springs, MD)

"Smells great, attracts women in the right dosages."
Written by: Rain

"Ammo makes teh battle of teh sexes one sided. It allows eh wearer to start at an advantage. It mixes well with TUTH x 2 spray on fore arms. Ammo on the neck. It gets things close and raises teh sexual tension. She knows something is up, but wont be able to put her finger on it
Written by: John ross (Ottawa, Ontario)

"This stuff was freakin amazing! and it arrived the day after my email! I was hanging out with my ex girl and went to go pick up lunch. I went home really quick to see if this stuff came, and lucky me it did! sprayed it on my forearm and took off. We finished lunch and she could stop staring at me and saying how cute I was! She wanted me all over her! Even when she found a bad news text she could stay mad! I want to see how well this works on a total stranger! I thought TUTH was good, this is FREAK'N AMAZING!"
Written by: Todd

"Bought this feeling a bit skeptical, gave it a test run in a club.

All i can say is that ill be buying more."
Written by: Lloyd

"I tried all the spray pheromones, this one definitely the best stand alone product. I've just ordered A314 because I'm convinced their products work. I will post results shortly after experimenting."
Written by: d (Orange, CA)

"So here we go, one night I was surfing at the internet and I came across to this site and read about the comments "how great" is "ammunition" so I decided to try it for to make sure dose it really work. Some days later I recived a package with its certain product. After 2 days reciving the package friends decided to go to nightclub and then I knew the testing time has come, so I spray'd it on my wrists and chest ( 3 times). First thing what I noticed getting to nightclub was that, the security guy was really friendly to me, also my friends were really calm near me, usually they push eachothers and so on, anywei after being in club for 20 minutes, getting attention from the girls, suddently nice looking girl comes to me and asks me to dance, so I thought, well why not and went to dance, we had much fun and we ended up in bed in the morning at my place.

Was it a coincidence or luck, don't know, but I do have belive that "ammunition" did its job there."
Written by: Andrew

"Great Service and fast delivery! Thanks for the little gift! I already knew that phermones work. Ammunition does exactly what it claims, its really good for just spray and go! The smell AND the effect is intense, so for myself, one spray is enough. In my experience, if you use pheromones you start moving on a grade, is all I can say.
Anyway, great stuff!!
Written by: Thomas

"I love the smell. The effect? Not so sure. I believe it's mostly placebo, but if placebo is enough to boost your self esteem. Why not?"
Written by: Ervik

"It is like raw male scent sheer power. I imagine this would be the perfect cologne if I were a Boxer (pro). I don't like to wear it a lot, but if I ever needed to feel real macho and ever-so-slightly intimidating, and lose shyness or timidness or fear, this would be the one thing that I would turn to. It is aggressiveness in a bottle. It makes me feel bold, confident, assertive, much more so than any other cologne or any pheromone I have ever come across."
Written by: sofearnot

"well in used this product once and i will defenetly buy it just two sprays as directed and even that stuck up girl was all over me the one i got was a gift im over thirty never needed something like this before not good looking average guy but this thing opened out a world of posobilities plus if you got social skills and how to treat a lady uff bullseye ill give thumps up also like the smell
Written by: steban

"Tried out a spray of this. It works really well, there's nothing I can complain about. The minute I went out I started noticing the effects of this"
Written by: Daniel

"Let me start by saying i am a very skeptical person when it comes to things such as this or any other program or product. First the delivery was the fastest i ever had 5/5. I made a mistake in my order and forgot to select the overnight since my order was over 100 and they automatically overnight without any questions which is great customer service. Now for the product i tested it for 2 weeks now doing different locations on the body and amount so far ive found that 1 to chest then 1 to wrist and spread behind ears and neck works best, in the field i can say it does something and it does help its different from person to person but lately one of the girls i work with has really been around me alot lately and really wanting to go out. i will say that its not a magical product but it will make you feel better more motivation and confidence and even happiness but i am very pleased so far i will continue testing =) "
Written by: matt

"I couldn't count the amount of hits I got with this stuff even if I wanted to. I was highly skeptical of this at first, but let me tell you, the results say more than any product description ever could. I thought that the advertising made it sound like a love potion out of a Harry Potter book, but trust me, the science is sound. You don't have to take my word for it either, order a bottle yourself and see the effects! Androtics has GREAT customer service, and AMMO is backed by a money-back guarantee! So really, what do you have to lose? I told a few of my friends and it spread like wildfire. They would all ask me for a few sprays, and then they all couldn't wait to come and tell me about the results that they had once they used it! One friend even paid me to let him borrow the bottle over the course of the weekend! And the girls can't get enough of the smell. I had one girl who would dig her nose into my neck every time I saw her, another girl ask what I was wearing so she could get her boyfriend a bottle for his birthday, and one of my friend's mom's even told me that I smelled like her husband! xD (I'm guessing that the smell triggered the same feelings she got when she was with him). I haven't even remotely touched all that it has done for me, but I could probably write a small novelette about it. I'll be buying my third bottle of AMMO sometime soon, and it is really unlike anything I've ever worn before. I will definitely be a loyal, life-long customer. Thank you Androtics. :)"
Written by: Miguel (IL)

"Ammo smells great, lasts for ages even on the really hot sweaty days!

I havent tried it out at any clubs or pubs but it really annoyed one of my friends and he didn't know why he was so annoyed but i did ;)

Confidence boosting smell. Must be the mones?"
Written by: Dan C

"I've been using this stuff for about a week now. Two anecdotes:

1. A very attractive British girl in my grad school study group seemed to be loosening up around me. She even told me "you smell like such an American!" Granted, I am from the States, but I think you get the idea.

2. Last night, I had my first salsa class. I saw this girl there that I had met once before. I had tried to chat her up then but at some point she mentioned she was married so I backed off. Anyway, here she was again, without her hubby, but this time I was wearing the stuff. The instructor told everyone, "Okay guys, go find a part-" Before she could finish the sentence this girl literally grabbed me by the forearm in front of the whole class. Everyone in the room noticed and there were some audible giggles. Keep in mind this girl has a big fat ring on her finger! The girl herself was even shocked, as if she had done it without even thinking about it.

Something like this has never happened to me before. Granted, this is by no means a full scientific study, but based on my limited experiences and the hundreds of good reviews on the forums I have to conclude that this stuff is the real deal."
Written by: Steven (London, UK)

"It smells great and the service was awesome. I ordered the bottle on Tuesday and Boom there it was at my doorstep on Wednesday. Attracts women too :)"
Written by: Sameer(Edmonton,Canada)

"The new AMMO V1.1 double strength is AMAZING! I am shocked! I went to pick up my spy camera at the post office to report on my pheromone usage on the forums and BOOM, the girl just locks eyes with me and finds me very attractive. I go shopping, BOOM, girls are all around me waiting for me to talk to them, some even start talking to me. I've had hits from amazingly hot girls right down to the old granny with no teeth that people laugh about in the forums! Everyone sees me as an alpha male and a highly important person when wearing 1.6 to 2.2 sprays of AMMO V1.1 double concentrations. You could even wear 1 spray, but I prefer to get heavy reactions. Remember that more is not always better. Would you be attracted to a women with breasts the size of a car? It's the same with pheromones, balance is key! It makes life so exciting to have women just stare at you in the "deer in headlights" way.

I had been using AMMO version 1.0 single strength from 2005 to 2011 with average results. The scent was called "Game". They have changed the pheromone recipe, the scent is now changed to "FF21". The new version is AMAZING and a LOT better, I'm seriously ecstatic about it! If you had tried it a long time ago, I suggest you retry it.

Written by: A guy that lives in Canada, Qc

"I usually dont write reviews unless i get outstanding service/products..All i can say is WOW! I ordered 2 bottles of ammo yesterday and about 2 hours after i woke up this morning the package was at my front door! kudos on the free overnight shipping. And i know your product wont disappoint! ive been ordering for years and always recieved outstanding customer service and products. Keep it up androtics! and thanks for the free test sample and candy ! haha it was delicious."
Written by: Ryan (central, NJ)

Written by: jared

"Many doubters on here; but it does work. I've tried two sprays at work and first day, had two secretaries openly tell me how good it smelled. One was intensely interested at the coffee machine.

I've used it during a massage and it definitely turned the therapist on (mid-40's and attractive). Her massage changed from mechanical to almost sensual.

Keep it in the medicine cabinet, tear the label off and tell others its an aftershave called Blue.
Written by: Antler Tines

"I just received this in the mail- it smells INCREDIBLE- far better than other pheromone colognes I've tried(with no success) I cannot wait to use this stuff- it really is an almost unfair weapon"
Written by: todd

"I just wish you guys didn't run out so often. But I see why it's so popular. The ladies love AMMO's smell better than any other pheromone product and I find myself having every girl I meet basically throwing themselves at me. To bad I don't take advantage. I always feel like it'd be wrong even though they're the one's initiating it. lol."
Written by: Stephen

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