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  "Turn Up the Heat" Pheromone - To Go! (TUTH-5)

"Turn Up the Heat" Pheromone - To Go! 

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Turn Up The Heat - Sexual Pheromone For men

It gives you:

  • A strong physical & sexual presence
  • A clear signal that now is the time to get physical

Turn Up The Heat works exactly like a thermostat. 1 spray is smoldering, 2 sprays intensely hot, 3 you're on fire... 4 sprays... ouch! A little does a lot, so always start low when using Turn Up The Heat.

At bars or nightclubs, we recommend using just 1 or 2 sprays, applied to the chest, behind the ears, or on the wrists. Turn Up The Heat can help attract women looking for a sexual encounter at these venues.

When dating, only use Turn Up The Heat when the woman is comfortable enough with you to take things to the next level (this usually requires a minimum of 4-7 hours spent together at different venues). After you've spent some time together building comfort (which you can do with Instant Openness and Instant Shine), you can then literally Turn Up The Heat. Start by using just one spray. If necessary, add one additional spray every time you meet, up to a maximum of 5 sprays total.

Using Turn Up the Heat in this manner will Turn UP the SEXUALITY, and help to MELT last minute resistance. Guaranteed.

Important: This is potent product. If you are a first time user, get the lowest strength version. Less is often more with Turn Up The Heat. Using too much can be perceived as you "coming on too strong", which can be as bad as not coming on at all. 

We recommend you always start on the low side, and never exceed 5 sprays at a time maximum. Be aware the higher the dose, the higher the age range of women you'll attract. Lower is best for younger women.

Please be cognizant of your effect on other people at all times. Blatant displays of sexuality are not appropriate for some venues or people.

Caution: Not suitable for the workplace or for normal daytime activities, except for users over 40 that have lower overall pheromone levels. Such users may benefit from using 1 spray of Turn Up The Heat per day. Please do not use around children.

365 Day Complete & Utter Satisfaction Guarantee 

Like all the products you get here, Turn Up The Heat comes with our famous manufacturer-backed, 365 day complete & utter satisfaction guarantee. You'll get noticeable results that you want or your money back. We give you the return policy that we ourselves wish all stores we shop with had.

We're so serious about this, that we actually built easy, automated returns and exchanges right into the order system! It's as fast to do returns and exchanges, as it is to order. That's right, there's no one you have to call for approval, and no guessing as to where you send returns. 

You can truly relax shopping here, knowing that returns and exchanges really are easy and hassle free.   

  Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback


User Rating


Customer Feedback & Advice

"This is definitely a product for men ... but to be used by women only! My honey says that when he uses it, it doesn't seem to affect him very much, but when I wore it one day ... this should be nicknamed Instant Boner!"
Written by: Belly Donsah (San Francisco, CA)

"Sex in a bottle, girlfriend cant resist me"
Written by: Big T

"This stuff is great once you figure out the right dose for you. It took me a while, but once I figured out mine, I have had nothing but great results. I have also found that if I go a little stronger than normal with this, and then soften it with something like instant openness or MX289, it works even better."
Written by: John in NY

"Just got my to go bottle of TUTH today! I had read on the site to allow time for order processing and what not, so I was surprised to find it there on the doorstep this morning after only ordering it yesterday afternoon. Talk about fast! Looking forward to trying it and the others I ordered out! Thanks for the wonderful service!"
Written by: Dasher

"I took the advice of a commenter on this page. I am a woman and decided to use it on myself to see what type of effects I would get from my boyfriend. It really did work like a charm in the bedroom it was definitely more intense."
Written by: Vita

"I'm the type that is skeptical when the net says their item works like a miracle pill. I was here to prove these items dont work, well I was wrong. I'm still beta testing on this item, but some what still in disbelief on this one but my trial runs are not over. I'm on the pheromone talk web and I'm keeping a journal to keep trial runnings up to date, call Skepticals like me must read!! I'm going to be testing different combos items and report what works for me and what doesnt. All I can say to you skepts is, Jump and try them for yourself. "
Written by: anthony taylor (kansas city, KS)

"Weirdly enough I would have to agree that this product really does work for women to use. Especially within the age range of 19 and up. "
Written by: MikoAi

"I've come to call TUTH 'voodoo juice' because for me, someone who's been off the circuit for years, deffo more of the guy that stands in the corner of the club, was gobsmacked at this product! Okie, so I was wearing CTTM2 and IO too, and getting a strangers wanting to talk to me, but adding only 2 sprays of this, getting within 2-5 feet of any female in their early/mid 20's and my god!! Safe to say my work collegues out with me on our night out (the 1st time I tried any of the 2-go sprays), were pointing in utter disbelief, lol. Must admit, I did take out the TUTH spray with me, and every couple of hours would do a top-up spray (two) straight to the neck. Andro have my vote on their products; and I have since bought more. ....Also, you get a freebie spray with every purchase!!"
Written by: DSR (UK)

"I think it works. Didn't notice any special effects on the girls. But I myself became really horny, lol. Makes me crazy, wanna devour the ladies. so my shyness goes away a bit and they can see that I want them. Works miracle when alone with a girl. But yea I also agree maybe this product is for women??"
Written by: Kevin

"The stuff rocks! my man cant get enough of me the first time i used it. We had the most amazing time together and he got all wild (he's always a bit gentle and loving kind) suddenly he's rough and wild. LOVE IT! tho i have to say that the stuff also made me uncontrollably horny my self! THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH! "
Written by: Gay guy

"I received my order in 1 day! WOW that's fast. Thanks for the free gifts! I can't wait to try my TUTH!"
Written by: James from NJ

"I am a black college student. The first time i used this I took 2 sprays. I went to the dining hall and ate, but when i got up to discard my trash I noticed that the two girls who were sitting behind me dropped their entire conversation and both of them were staring at me like lustful animals. I just smiled and kept it moving. I have just made my second 100+ dollar order of pheromones because i swear by this stuff."
Written by: Real Person

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