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  "Alpha A314" Original Trust & Respect Pheromone Formula for Men (Scented) - 10 mL (A314-10-R32)

"Alpha A314" Original Trust & Respect Pheromone Formula for Men (Scented) - 10 mL  

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Young or old, you can get that "success vibe" in under 17 seconds a day, with the trust, success and status pheromone exclusively for men -- Alpha A314.

As the world's first truly mold breaking formula for men since the introduction of Jovan's now-defunct Andron (1981), you won't find anything else like A314.

It's one of the hardest products to describe all of the effects of, but easily one of the most rewarding products ever created for men. In fact, many long term pheromone users are coming to use A314 as the "heart" of all of their pheromone fueled adventures.

Yes, A314 is truly unique in the field of pheromones, and we guarantee that you'll love it!

With the formula of 9 human pheromones that took over 3 years to develop and fine tune, Alpha A314 communicates and enhances all attributes of a classically ideal and powerful man.

A314 is a complex formula that generates many and varied social effects.  Many of these effects may be considered "subtle" by themselves, but when added up, the overall effect is enormous and our users say it's hard to live without.

While not every user gets all of the exact same effects, we'll cover the ones here that most A314 users experience and agree on.

One way you can think of A314 is as an all access pass to people, some of whom may have been previously "out of your league".

Both men and women will give you their attention and respect, and will want to take your lead. You'll find more people than ever "bending over backwards" to be of service to you, and, surprise, surprise... they'll love every minute of it.

While we hear lots of great feedback on A314, the one comment we hear time and time again is "it just makes life easier". That's a great way to sum up what you get when you use A314. It'll probably take you at least a month of near daily usage to notice all of the benefits you get from A314. 


While you can change the effect by using it with other products, A314 used alone is sexy, not sexual.

You'll give off the aura of a man who'd appear in GQ or Esquire, not a man who's letting his naughty bits hang out (as in Playgirl). This makes A314 one of the very first products to hit the market that's appropriate for use everywhere, even at work. Some other male oriented products from other manufacturers have been shown to be offensive in the same environment.

Some have said that A314 gives you "The James Bond effect". Meaning that you project the feel of a knowledgeable man with all the right moves, with a dash of excitement at all the right times. The man every woman wants, and all men want to be.

Feel it where it counts: in your wallet

If you're looking to get ahead at work or in sales, then you absolutely must try Alpha A314. The trust & leadership effect easily helps you to move  ahead professionally, and definitely gives you the potential to increase your income.

A314 is turning out to be the favorite pheromone product ever for professionals, from any manufacturer. Salesmen, in particular, give us compliments on A314 that even we have trouble believing!

While your results may vary, for professional use we guarantee that A314 will be worth at least 10 times what you paid for it, or you money back. 

How to use Alpha A314

Using A314 is fast and easy. The whole process should take under 17 seconds a day. There's no technique, social skill, or anything else you can learn or own that that gives you so many social benefits so quickly and inexpensively.

To use A314, twist off the top and turn the bottle upside down over your finger or wrist. Do not touch the bottle to your skin, but instead keep it about an inch away. Wait until a complete drop forms on it's own, and falls onto your skin by itself. Applying a drop in any other way won't give you an accurate pheromone dose, and will complicate your pheromone usage.

Just like we can't tell you how much salt you'll like on your food or how much cologne to wear, ultimately you'll have to experiment a little with A314 to find what amount is "just right" for you.

Users have found anywhere from 1-7 drops of A314 to be beneficial. Most use between 2-4 drops per day, applied in the morning. Some reapply when going out at night.

When you're just starting off, start by applying 2 drops a day. Apply one drop to your finger, and spread it behind both ears in downward motion toward your neck. Apply the other drop to one wrist, and rub both of your wrists together.

Combination's & Modifications: How to tailor your effects

Just like a tailored suit is always superior to "one size fits all", the same thing is true with pheromones.

You can mix n' match most of the social effects offered by products here to get just what you want, appropriate to your own natural body chemistry.

Use the following suggestions as starting points. When starting to make your own mixes, always start on the low end and work your way up, as necessary. These products are powerful, and sometimes too much doesn't work nearly as well as "just enough".

To lighten the tone of A314 and make it "friendlier" and "more fun", use with 1-4 sprays of Instant Openness to each drop of A314.

To deepen the A314 effect to make people feel like they've known you a long time and to encourage them to "tell you everything", use with 1-5 sprays of Instant Honesty.

To add a sexual spark to A314 and make the effect more dominant and physical, use with 1-4 sprays of Turn Up The Heat. This is a great nighttime combination. Larger doses (more than 1 or 2 sprays) of Turn Up the Heat may not be appropriate for daytime use.

To make everyone feel greater comfort around you, use with Instant Openness. Please note that this may reduce the positive mood & leadership effects A314 has on other men.

To add a finishing "sparkle and shine" to your pheromone mix, add Instant Shine. A real mood and confidence booster for most people, it'll help make you and everyone around you feel great. It's even been shown to have sexually suggestive effects on women that are appropriate for daytime use (unlike large doses of Turn Up The Heat or other primarily androstenone based products).

The technical nitty gritty

A314 comes in a light oil base with a minor blend of real essential oils, which allows it to last all day. The 10ml bottle lasts up to a half year at the recommended 2 drops per day, when you take two days off per week.

You get 23.8mcg (micrograms) of 9 human pheromones in each drop of Alpha A314. There are 6,667 micrograms of pheromones total per 10ml bottle, and 10,000 mcg in the 15ml sized bottle. It's a highly potent product, you really don't want more than this.

A314 does contain a small amount of androstenone in a propriety and carefully balanced ratio to the other 8 pheromones. A314 has not been shown to give the negative effects of androstenone that some competitor's products have. In fact, many have found that they can use A314 to decrease the negatives of other products, and increase the positives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does Alpha A314 smell like?

A.  While some pheromones in the raw have almost no scent, some definitely are detectable consciously.

To counteract this, we added a .33% (one third of one percent - a sixtieth of of the concentration you'd find a typical cologne) combination of very expensive and completely natural essential oils. They help to reduce any perceptible pheromonal odor, and allow the product to work better by increasing diffusion (the ability to project the pheromone molecules from your skin into the air surrounding you). Some of the essential oils also help to increase communication and feelings of comfort in their own right (think: aromatherapy).

While you can smell them, most other  people won't be able to smell these essential oils on you, anymore than they can tell which shampoo or hair conditioner you used. Using A314 is acceptable in most scent free environments.

Q. Will A314 have women attacking me?

A. Most users have found A314 to be a virtual magnet some of the most attractive, healthy women out there.

However, it produces very natural effects. Unlike some pheromone products, A314 usually won't make people "act strange" or inappropriately. Like a high end liquor, A314 is "smooth". People will react to you as if you are actually a strong, highly desirable male, not like you're wearing some weird voodoo juice.

Many women will like you better when you wear A314, but largely keep their comments to themselves or their circle of friends (you can open their lips a little more with Instant Openness and Instant Honesty). You may even hear the comments after a party or other event "through the grapevine", and you'll like what you hear.

Where you can really sense the difference, though, is when you actually approach women. With A314, you can  reduce the sting of rejection, and by and large attract women who may have been previously "out of your league". They'll want to say "yes!" to you.


Unlike the purchase of similarly priced products such as cologne (which you get no support for whatsoever), support for this product is available and offered through our exclusive user forum.

At the forum, you can get advice, tips and tricks from our staff, and other users like you.

365 Day Guarantee Complete & Utter Satisfaction Guarantee

Like all the products you can get here, A314 comes with our famous manufacturer-backed, 365 day complete & utter satisfaction guarantee. You'll get noticeable results that you want or DOUBLE your money back.

We're so serious about this, that we actually built easy, automated returns and exchanges right into the order system! That's right, there's no one you have to call for approval, and no guessing as to where you send returns.

You can truly relax shopping here, knowing that returns and exchanges really are easy and hassle free.

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  Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback


User Rating


Customer Feedback & Advice

"The trust & respect effect of A314 is like going out all dressed up in an expensive and stylish suit, even when dressed down. That alone is a huge benefit to me.

I recommend this as a great heart to anyone's pheromone experiments. It really amplifies ideal male strengths. You may think it's "subtle" at first, until you grasp all it's doing. People really do treat you better!"
Written by: Michael Harris

"I work at a large trauma hospital with about 2000 nurses, so I have the perfect testing ground for your products. So far I tried the Alpha A314, and had some very interesting reactions. The women I see at work every day are suddenly more attentive, and very interested in what I have to say. (anything I have to say within reason, of course!) I have ordered several more products, and plan to do some "tinkering", but I can tell you that this particular product really does work, and I think that if I can come up with the proper amount, mixure for maximum effect, WOW! (I will share it with you). I still have much more testing to do. So far so good!"
Written by: Lawrence Bash


One of the products I use mainly for work. Gives me the trustable and mature aura as stated in the product brief.

People give me much more respect than I deserve. Very suitable for people working in person to person relationship. Makes them trust you, and projects a dependable aura/trustable presence."
Written by: ang diwei benny (singapore, sg)

"What can I say? It does what they tell you it will do. Simply put, at the "magic dose", it's like putting on a "millionaire" suit, complete with appropriate attitude adjustment for me and those around me.

I have found that at four drops, it has me feeling much more calm and confident, and I move and speak differently. It's as if I am wealthy enough to be without a care in the world. I have been told my body language and attitude at those doses is as if I own everything around me, but without being egotistical about it. Of course, dose will be different for everyone, and I use lower doses for different effects... but four drops seems to be my magic spot.

If you want a woman with good self esteem to notice you, this will do it. It will also help her decide she wants to "keep" you.

One thing to be careful about when using this... it can make you seem too good for others to approach at higher doses, something like a VIP or superstar might. The more you wear, the more of a "circle of awe" you'll tend to get, where people won't dare approach you unless they have a very high self esteem. It's fantastic for business, because it gives an unspoken air of authority, but it also makes people want to follow you... "tell me what to do" wise and sometimes literally. The distance effects can be reduced or eliminated by mixing with other things.

So far it hasn't been a sexual product for me, as some people have reported, but it's my all time favorite (so far) regardless. This is one of those products that, once you figure it out, you'll never want to be without. (It does take some time to figure out, though, since the results can be subtle.)"
Written by: Shannon Matteson

"I am a 6 foot 5, 18 year old male, though it would be funny to use some Alpha A314 to get that awesome “James Bond effect”.

The product is very powerful; it gives massive respect from other people, you feel like a millionaire. It makes me talk differently stand straighter, feel prouder, feel more serious. Alpha A314 works VERY VERY well, everything they say about it is true. The problem is, it makes you look excessively good, I would recommend combining it with another product to make you more approachable, because people were intimidated by me. I am 6 foot 5 living in Québec Canada; the average person is short here, so from the start approaching such a tall guy can be stressful, but with Alpha A314, it actually repelled people at the club. Many girls can be very intimidated by this product, noticed that some people would avoid eye contact with me, but tremendously hot girls didn’t avoid eye contact. This product is more for work environments just like they advertise. It should not be used at a party, club or dance. I will use it while studying because it gives me more attention. Also, it is absolutely NOT SEXUAL, women won’t want sex with you but they WILL see you as a highly desirable male, perhaps you should combine it with some sexual pheromones. While using this product, I seem to move my eyes around differently when looking at girls that please me. Also, wearing this on my chin or putting on to much to close to my nose makes me feel above the rules and a bit “high on pride”. Alpha A314 makes me sleep a lot better than usual and my skin is clearer. Sex is better with this. I can’t wait to go for a job interview and use this; it makes you seem like one of those Buddhist monks that are 100 years old who have all the knowledge. But remember this: “When you want people to approach you, leave A314 out of the mix entirely.” and that this stuff is extraordinarily good for getting respect, perhaps a little too much. Finally, don’t get this if you don’t know what the heck you’re doing, also, before using, snoop around in the forum for some information and don’t be shy to ask people, the were very friendly to me when I was asking me question."
Written by: A dude that lives in Canada

"good stuff"
Written by: dizzy

"I was very skeptical at first but then I really noticed a change in people when I wear this. Older women approach me more, people perk up their ears when I talk at work. Clearly one of the best products that Androtics makes."
Written by: Eric Rauning (Phoenix, AZ)

"Sexiest scent on a man, EVER!"
Written by: Laurie

"it works
Written by: Mankar

"This product is phenomenal! There isn't much I can say that hasn't already been said, except "Get it!!!". You won't be disappointed! "
Written by: La Marr Smith (Buffalo, NY)

"Well, nothing comes close in projecting an ideal man image, someone who is capable, and must be respected. It is great for day wear as well as night wear, although for night wear and general social outings a lower dose is more suitable with some other added social and sexual products."
Written by: Nbully79

"An excellent product that enhances your vibe. Although you have to have certain criteria about your persona in order to get the full benefits. What I say about A314 is that its like driving a race car on a race track. Just because you can drive a normal car does not mean you can jump on a race car and drive at 200+ mph. To me having very good social skills is essential with this product.

I used it on Ocean Drive ambient (Miami) on a weekend (night time) and it gave me the "uuhhh, who is that guy? vibe" I was the cool guy of the night, guys looked up to me and chiks digged me and enjoyed my company. (I had this mixed with 1 spray of Instant Shine) I am 27 yrs old."
Written by: Esteban Camacho

"Thus far has been quite effective, I can mumble incoherently and not only do people hear me, but I get an immediate response as though they were on the edge of their seat waiting for me to say it. It seems to project your presence in the room, women open me if I don't acknowledge them, and as it says, people seem to listen and look to you for direction"
Written by: GoldenForest

"Respect in a bottle. A staple in my collection."
Written by: ChaseEmAll

"it works for sure"
Written by: joe TR

"Singularly - the Best scent I have ever purchased ANYTIME - ANYWHERE. I get a lot of "what's that you're wearing..." & "you smell GREAT"! - I'd recommend as "Best First Purchase" "
Written by: Bix9 (Seattle, WA)

"If you can only buy one peromone, make it A314! It's excellent for the workplace - flexible enough to be used with 'softeners' like IFM, Instant Openness, Honesty or Shine - each giving it a different accent.

You can even give it a sexual kick with TUTH.

It also has a fantastic smell and lasts 4 ages. I repeat, if you want to get into phermones BUY THIS FIRST, you won't be disappointed! They should call it Instant Respect or Instant Authority...."
Written by: Jonno101

"This stuff is no joke. In fact, it is worth MORE than it's weight in gold. Just a few nights ago I wore a small amount when I went out to the bars and not only did I not have to pay cover, but people were buying me drinks and giving me such special treatment as well as praise simply because I "am such a cool guy."

It really made other people see me in a different light, as if they looked up to me and wanted to do whatever they could to impress me.

After this, I can't live without A314"
Written by: 1904iNcUbUs

"This product is Great!"
Written by: hadz

"Did nothing for me in interviews and business meetings in a wide range of doses. Might work for some but not all."
Written by: Alexx

"Cant belive the effects for this product. All pepoel around me locks up to me like i am some kind of celebrity. They has easier to accept you for who you are. Higly recomended."
Written by: Inkob (Norway)

"it works gr8!!!!!"
Written by: mohammed

"Women will feel horny, but not be inmoral, be careful, dont try to kiss women just because you use it"
Written by: Kyle

"I wore a combination of A314, Turn Up The Heat and Instant Shine, which had the effect of my Lesbian friend jumping on me. Holy Cow this combo works great!!!"
Written by: Steve

"This product works on so many levels.

People all seem to stare at me in the sort of 'whoa, who's this guy?' look.

People treat you better for some reason and really respect your space. They'll also look to you for advice on things etc.

I haven't been able to make women feel horny on it though... but they're much chattier when I wear it on.

Excellent product! recommend it."
Written by: Mick (Australia)

"nice product"
Written by: karl

"pretty good stuff"
Written by: jerry

"i don't really know if it works or not, because when i put it on for the first time' my girlfriend (which i kept in the dark - she did'nt know anything about it) asked me if i pissed my self, and told me that i stink, and asked me to go and take a shower.
this stuff is strong thats for sure, it took me three times with steaming hot water and soap to take it off.
how do i get my money back?
or, do you have different scents?"
Written by: gil hilel

"It has a formidable scent, stings the nostrils, in a good way. I've done my own scientific studies... 60% of the time, it works every time."
Written by: Ron Burgundy

"This stuff is one of the best phero i ever tried on & it works great!"
Written by: PhatSounds

"Man this product is AWESOME!"
Written by: Johnny

"AMAZING!!!! It reli does make people respect and trust you. at my workplace before, ppl wud also make me the butt of the joke (in a friendly way) but now they dont...rather, they LAUGH at my jokes!!!"
Written by: Samuel

Written by: David

Written by: Leon

"it was cool, nice product. depending on how you act. people always said i came across real cocky but cool. "
Written by: bambino

"easily dispenses Rev21,Btch4, smells awesome, I am a fan of sandalwood scents, and this is similar but not quite. When a girl gets close, you can almost see their defenses melt away. Had my Father, almost submissive, he is a very dominant person. I will always keep this in stock, best buy yet."
Written by: Andarial (TX)

"You will notice a change in the way people react to you. Just don't wear too much or people will avoid you (scare them away). Good product!"
Written by: Randy

"I'm very soft spoken. For a Work environment, I have noticed a difference. Quieter team, until I talk. Though I don't want that. So I added Instant Openess, which with 314... they work like white on rice; they go together very well. "
Written by: Bobby

"At first i was skeptical about pheromones. But i tried A314 today one drop only. And i was
god. I met with my big sister who usually irritates me and always gives me advice breakdown
in quiet mode to give respect(she did not cry!) but she listened to everything i had to say
which by the way i usually fumbled a lot but i talked really smoothly without any break.

Met people who usually gets me on my nerves and boom! few seconds of exposure and they were
literally listening to me as i spoke! which was in a real controlled aggressive tone and i
said nothing good by the way, i made fun of their clothes, hair, work, etc and watched as
none of them showed any hostility! Instead they were talking nicely.

Met a group of girls sitting by the fountain, usually these girls never even listen/talk to
me. But today i was king! I talked and they listened as i was the greatest storyteller ever!
no questions asked no interruption just a deep connection! And the topic was about pumpkins

WTF Hands down to Pheros! tremendous respect!
P.s did i mention i gave down my no to 3 gals! unbelievable!"
Written by: Doly Loyi (Kolkatta, West Bengal)

"Honestly I wouldn't expect incredible results with other people necessarily but it has a great affect on me personally. I only use about a bottle a year. I tend to use it alot when I box, sometimes around women, and often before I go to bed. It really helps you sleep good. It makes you feel more calm and peaceful and sure of yourself. To me Id rather take it before bed, have good dreams, and wake up actually being that man rather than just smelling like him. And this helps me do that. "
Written by: mike

"this product was not effective. this was my first pheromone purchase and I did not notice any "hits" or anything. i used it at work, in clubs, bars, everywhere and no hits. "
Written by: dan

"After a large social mistake on my part, I'm glade to see that my social status in one of my large 150+ person groups has been restaured.

Women actually tell me "Tom, you are extremely sexy today!!! You are getting me hottt" on A314.

My bosses at work have stopped putting their noses in my things.

My brother and I have started getting massive sexual interest from older women. Very hot older women! One night stands and more! A314 = hottest male ever.

It seems to boost my confidence to new levels.

A314's effects are very natural.

Groups of women in night clubs (28 years old) hoover towards me. My friends are all amazed!

150 000$/year men now want to hang out with me!"
Written by: Tom

"I put off buying A314 because it's pricier than the other pheros and not available in a to-go. What a mistake! $70 is a STEAL for this product!

I first got interested in Androtics pheros for self-effects. A314's self-effects are strong and positive. It has an effect on my internal dialogue as is there's a strong, masculine presence in my mind, reminding me to be a better man... this is especially noticeable when I have negative internal dialogue, something which happens to me a lot. Other users report similar things... For me, A314's benefit isn't just that it makes you seem like a beneficient leader; it makes you more of a leader for real. "
Written by: Terry

"This stuff is worth every penny.

I am only about 5'7 but with A314 I am treated like a big man. When I go out to stores or restaurants I usually get extra attention and very good service like a V.I.P.

To use this pheromone right you act confident, talk confident and BE confident. If you can do that then you will definitely see results and can steer situations however you like them.

Overall, wonderful product."
Written by: K-Train

"works wonders
Written by: chauncey

"nice!! cant wait to try. wish they had to-go. esp since this stuff last half a year."
Written by: t-easy

"If you work in the retail industry, or just have to COMMAND respect, get this! It's worth 7x the price they tack on it. I will order this one again as soon as I notice I need a refill. "
Written by: mikelspencr

"pretty awesome product. worked fairly well. got me the results it promised."
Written by: abe

"I will have to try this after I sample some other products."
Written by: NoBrain

"Fantastic product, I'd recomend to anyone"
Written by: Frank

"Soooo many positive feed backs...I'm afraid I'll never get a chance to order some for myself :| It will be all gone when they restock it"
Written by: Joseph Schaf (Mount Laurel, NJ)

"My sister's 40 year old very hot friend want's to see me. Haven't seen her in half a year but i guess she remembers my high status caused by the A314 at the wedding!

Good thing I brought my A314 on this trip! She will get the same old effect! YESSSSSS!"
Written by: Quagmire!

"Great product. Smells great and fast shipping. The bottle was almost empty due to leakage but still great just emailed the company about it. If you dont believe this post is real them you can look my user ID Mike D up on I am a real person and acutally writing this."
Written by: Mike D

"This is the best product on the market and really worth it's money! It's the base ingredient for all the other products. Try it and you will see and experience the effects on others. Sometimes unbelievable effects... it's 90% you and 10% is the magic of pheromones... Trust me!;) Great stuff!"
Written by: yetis from Germany

"Awesome product for work, I get great respect from my coworkers. Even the manager defers to me a lot on office issues. Works great with Instant Shine for a less intimidating and more inspirational sort of leadership vibe.

Combined with Turn up the Heat it says high value Alpha Male...that's dead sexy"
Written by: Izzy

"I just bought A314 and a few other products for my bday and Im going to tell you NOT to buy A314 unless you wanna come off as a very serious Alpha male, like your boss. I tried it tonight going out and guys were very respectful but the women, s**t tested me like crazy , trying to see if I was as confident as I came across and it was a bit too much for me frankly. So get this and use it for work or where you want the respect but not for being that funny laid back guy"
Written by: John (NY)

"I did;nt notice anything the first couple of times, so i started to be doubtful about this product. But after a few more trys i have gotten some very positive feed back from co-worker never really spoken to me since i have been with my company. I give it a thumbs up."
Written by: robert stewart (anchorage, AK)

" My work is very personal. When I don't wear this, I get tips sometimes. When I do wear A314, my tips average $20.00 each! I wonder if that is just a coincidence. But honestly, I don't think I can afford to test another day without it."
Written by: Rudra

"I went clubbing in montreal and ended up hanging out with very high status people at amazing places, didn't wait at any line ups at any of the clubs. Had incredibly sexy women look at me with that "omg, who is this guy!!!" with that sparkling eye look. Had many babes hold me in their arms telling me I'm the most amazing guy ever. Parading me around infront of everyone.

Women will just remember you forever on A314. Some will dream of you.

I had everyone's eyes locked on me. Everything I said was the funniest jokes ever.

You people should have seen the female attraction. It was over the top. Ended the night massaging a 41 year old babe in her bed and...
I am 21.

I went out in high quality clubs a few nights in a row. CRAZY outstanding results.

There was only 1 place were the results sucked terribly. It was one of those fake high end clubs for teen who spend tons on fashion items that last for short periods of time that have no self confidence."
Written by: Quagmire

"Being a well built BIG BOSS kinda male, I didn't actually need this - but there was this girl I wanted to impress.

Well, A314 did help me get her attention - but as time went by I overwhelmed and scared the living daylights out of her, now she's probably out of my life forever......

But let me tell you - almost every other girl in college that knows what happened has hots for me ;)

Its too powerful if you already have raw masculine charisma - but there will always be situations when that extra punch is required & now after that Mishap - I know EXACTLY how to use the A314.

Shame that Androtics guys are so stupid that they don't have stocks !"
Written by: Prav

"Some people complain about the price of this product, it is those people who actually need it. This is a high value product for high status types who understand true value.

This is "life changer" in a bottle from a most impressive group of people I have had the pleasure of doing business with.

Try it, it will make you a believer in all things pheromone. I love this stuff, I love how it makes me feel, and I love how it makes others feel around me.
Written by: TheGentleman

"This product is Truly a Live change without a doubt! But this isn't for the weak, the dumb, or the ignorant. A314 takes much pheromone skills and understanding your congruency and signature. Without these and a goal this product is simply just not for you. BUT If you have even the tiniest grasps on either you'll fall nothing short of what I, and every other owner of A314 did. The self effects are unreal! Not to mention the spell binding effects it has on others and your image :)"
Written by: Tea

"This pheromone is in a class of its own. Nothing is better at attracting Cougars!! Whether it is colognes or pheromones.) As like all things in life, nothing is ever guaranteed...but, with this product you should brace yourself to be trampled by hot cougars, just in case. Sometimes they take notice from clear across the room, even, when you walk in. I'm not sure how that happens. But I have to say, if I were in charge of the company, I would rename A314 to "Cougar Bait.""
Written by: sofearnot

"This product is amazing.When you wear it you feel much more condifent.

it worths every penny"
Written by: Aviator89 (istanbul, Turkey)

"I got it thank you for your gift unbelievable delivery time got the product to Sydney Australia within 4 days I could not believe you are good i will try the product tomorrow on my costumers will keep in touch "
Written by: martin ashak (Sydney, NSW)

"makes me feel like a million bucks!"
Written by: johnny cee

"The first day I used only two drops and one of the hottest girls at my school out of the blue started up a conversation with me in both classes we have together. We had never even exchanged two words before that. Some of the girls don't seem to be effected as much as others, but her demeanor has changed towards me in two days. Is this all because of A314?"
Written by: a high school senior

"1 drop everyday for work, everyone seems to show a lot more friendless. (also, people pat my back lol) It works!"
Written by: Jim E, NJ

"This stuff is expensive, but WELL worth the price. I tried the to-go a314 first and it was NOTHING compared to the oiled version. Two drops of this stuff and you feel bulletproof. You're self esteem is off the charts and people definitely look at you like some sort of celebrity sometimes. This stuff has given me confidence I thought I'd never have. "
Written by: A college freshman

"Awesome product. Very powerful effects and you can see some people get intimidated and try to either test your status or give you respect. It's not a magic pill, you still have to be a quality person and dress well to get the maximum effects. This is like an amplifier of your best self. Makes you stand out for sure."
Written by: 25 yo Male, NJ

"A314 has been in existence for at least 7 years now. I went in my brother's old closet today, he hasn't been there in 7 years. It could still smells the very faint AMAZING A314, I immediately got the rush it always gives me. It's a bit like smelling a god, the scent is unforgettable.

I really feel like going to Montreal to club on this stuff. It'll always attract the 9.0/10 women. It'll ALWAYS attract the women 10/10 and up! You can get billionaire daughters and women 15/10 on this stuff. Porn-stars, no problem. Strippers, no problem! This is the type of stuff that would get you Paris Hilton to...

Happy hunting guys!

Written by: YodaMan

"This product works almost as well as the smaller spray bottle version available on this website. It is still the best tool I’ve found to augmenting a dominant person’s charisma. The attitude change in the people around you, while wearing this product, is profound. The amount of conflict I’ve run into has dropped off drastically, and my employees are much more pliable and less likely to question my choices. The effect of the oil on myself has been increased energy, the bass in my voice comes out more pronounced, and I’m not as easy to anger as I was before.
I have a qualm with the product, though; after having used the smaller spray bottle I became a big fan of the cologne fragrance it had been imbued with. I was quite disappointed to find that smell almost completely lacking from the oil version. It’s there, but just barely and in no way could this product be used as a cologne…unless your peers are possessed of uncommonly sensitive noses. I think this is the only thing holding A314 back from being a 5-star product."
Written by: Respectless in Seattle

"This A314 is really good. Can't stop saying enough good things. If you put too much, it might be kind of negative though"
Written by: TSN

"Honestly this thing works, landed me a job higher than i thought i could land and girls who have daddy issues seem to LOVE it, they keep playing with their hair while talking to me like silly little girls lol

Women comment A LOT on the smell "*sinff* what is that amazing smell?? you smell so good" its like they cant help but ask out of no where lol

It is a great product, I use 1 hit on my wrists, 1 on the back of my neck and one under my nose and wipe my fingers dry on my cloths ... then I add 3-4 sprays all over of instant shine... makes u feel very strong and confident yet friendly, like an amazing leader and people will see u that way as well, dressing the role really helps as well :D"
Written by: ZL

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