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Login to see how many reward points you have in your account.

At our store it's easy to earn reward points to create your own discounts, or you can even save them up to get products absolutely free. (scroll down to the end to see how much the points are worth and how to redeem them during checkout)

There are currently 3 ways to earn Customer Reward Points

You can earn points for buying products, referring friends, and for helping to maintain the forum.

1. Buy products and get 1 point for every dollar you spend, good for discounts and freebies during your next purchase

To earn reward points, just buy any of the pheromone products. You automatically get a point for every dollar spent. It's as easy as that.

These work just like the reward points you get with some major credit cards.

Points are credited to your account as soon as your order is verified and processed (typically within the business day after you place it).

That means if you spend $60 dollars, you get 60 points. Spend $250 dollars, and you get 250 points.

Then the next time you shop here, you can spend your reward points for an instant discount, OR save up your reward points to get products *absolutely free*. It's your choice.

Please note that the point value above was recently changed, as we are in the middle of changing to a new, modern shopping platform. The previous amounts we gave were not compatible with industry standards, which was making the transition to a new shopping cart impossible.

2. Use our "Friendship Rewards Program": Send your friends an exclusive introductory coupon just for them, and you get 2 points for every dollar they spend during their first order!

You can send your friends a valuable coupon good for their first purchase, and get this: they can only get this valuable coupon through you! It's a special, high value referral-only coupon.

Your friends will love that you cared enough to tell them about this amazing technology, and even sent them a discount.

What's more, as a reward to you, for every dollar your friend spends during their initial purchase, you get 2 points added to your account.

So if they spend $60, you get 120 points.
If they spend $150, you get 300 points!

3. Help out on

There are many ways to help on the forum, including welcoming new members, and keeping the forum free of spam.

The most points are given to the first responder to an introduction message. Second most to the second responder. And third to the third responder. No points are given after this order.

We also reward points for any efforts that go above and beyond to condense and summarize forum reports on mixes, as well as for producing original content. The more valuable forum members, and the company itself, find your content -- the more points we can grant.

Contributing content and orderliness to the forum is a great way to earn points with your effort alone. Excellent for people who have more time than money.

SPECIAL UNTIL THE END OF THE MONTH: Our accountants have calculated that it costs us at least $43.81 in Google advertising to acquire a new customer. For this reason, we're experimenting with a 20% one time referral bonus that rewards our current customers for sending us new ones. Why not reward you just as we reward advertising execs, right?

It works like this:

Until the end of the this month, refer any friend to our store via our refer-a-friend system, and you'll get 20% of their first purchase as credit towards your purchases. This will be credited to you as points.

For example, if your friend makes a $39.95 purchase, you'll get 799 points also worth $7.99.

When your friend's order is verified, you'll receive an email instantly telling you the number of points you earned.

It's as simple as that. Pretty great, huh?

Your friend wins, and you win. Friendship is rewarding in more ways than one!

Click here now to give your friends an exclusive referral only "first time customer" coupon and start earning points!

Please: Refer only people you know - namely friends, family, close acquaintances, and coworkers. We can't and don't tolerate spam.

Important: Referrals are tracked by email address. i.e., whatever email addresses you give us for friends are "marked"in our database as being referred by you. If your friend has multiple email addresses, and you don't know which one they use, you may wish to a) ask them which would be best, or b) send a referral message to each of their primary email addresses to make sure they're tracked.

What points are worth and how to check them

Just like reward programs from some major credit cards, every 100 reward points is worth exactly $1. Since you get 100 points for every dollar you or your friends spend (on their first purchase), it's easy to get significant discounts and free products fast.

You can check on your points at any time by logging in, and looking at this page or your profile.

How to to use your points to pay during checkout

1. Login to your account
2. Shop and choose the items you want you buy
3. Choose Checkout
4. On the payment method screen, choose Reward Points as a payment method
5. Enter the number of points you want to apply to your order
6. After that, choose which payment method you want to use to pay for the balance of your order, if any (yes, you can use points to pay completely for your order). You can pay for the remainder by credit card or PayPal

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