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  10 New Pheromone Oils

December 7, 2016

I've got some exciting news for you today!

We've been working hard to take long term requests from clients and direct members and make them come true this holiday season. Sometimes the only thing better than a surprise is getting exactly what you want.

In that vein, the long anticipated Stealth version of Alpha A314 Trust & Respect oil has been released. As they're bottled and labeled, they'll trickle out to members this week and next.

In total there's 2 new versions of A314 (including one for younger men), and 8 new other highly anticipated oil formulas. 10 heavily requested releases, all made just in time for the holiday for you and our other valued members. All at extra special prices for a limited time, as a gift to you.

Come Talk To Me, Shine, Honesty, Molecule A, Molecule C, MX297 (now MX597), P96, P85 are all now available in oil. Everything in the new Stealth "unfragranced" package that took years of testing to develop.

Everything, except A314, are in the new Swiss made, almost as hard as steel, 5ml black glass dropper style bottles. The very best version we could find of the style of bottle that we've been asked for time and time again. This one has a high precision glass pipette that's able to deliver almost exactly the same drop size time after time. Very important for repeat performances.

The new Stealth A314

You can use the new Stealth A314 with any cologne, and Stealth's innovative chemical formula will elevate both your cologne and A314 to the next level. Or use it with no cover cologne at all. All you'll smell is the very human masculine smell of the pheromones in Stealth A314, combining with your own natural human scent.

In case you haven't heard the news about the new Stealth Unfragranced option, and would like more details, kindly click here to read about it.

The short story is that Stealth gives human pheromones, which tend to stay close to the skin, more of the type of aromatic projection that members of the animal world achieve...without smelling like a animal musk filled zoo. No cologne or orange Neroli or anything artificial. With few exceptions (mostly involving heavy androstenone containing products), you don't need to smell like any of this anymore.

Some formulas now smell almost like nothing, whereas others (especially ones with the very masculine but warm & clean androsterone) smell more human than ever. Androstenone is still the primary molecule that you may want to "cover" with a cologne or other type of fragrance.

Stealth is a high performance, hypo allergenic fragrance alternative consisting of special natural & nature bio-identical additives and a carrier modification. It's not exclusive to the oils introduced here.  It's available for most of the spray formulas, too. It took many years to develop, both privately and in tandem with our top members. Now it's finally ready for a wider audience. Truly exciting stuff!

New A314 pricing?

Here on the US west coast, we've been subject to rapidly increasing labor, lease and technology costs. A near doubling of the former, and an especially unanticipated 2 to 5 times increases for the tech services we depend on daily. For example, one feedback service we used went from already high $500 per month to $2500 a month. Somehow this has been happening to one degree or another to everything we use in 2016. For a small business, it's been a crazy, unwanted ride the past year!

Despite that, the new Stealth A314 is currently being released at the same price as regular A314 for our long standing direct members only. We know your own costs are probably going up too, so for as long as we can, we hope to make up the difference in volume, or with sales at a higher rate to general public.

Stealth A314 Packaging & formula

Stealth A314 is currently encased in our classic 10ml blue bottle with gravity dropper. Same bottle. Same dose. Same everything, except for a carrier and fragrance modification. We may offer it at a higher price in other bottles or formats to the general public on other websites.

The formula is the same as the revision 32, which is the same pheromone formula as the well loved revision 23 on paper. Because the Stealth package itself will somewhat change the social dynamic compared to the fragranced A314, the new Stealth A314 begins with it's own revision. Revision 1 or "Rev 1".

The new Stealth A314 Revision 1 is available here:
Stealth A314 - Trust and Respect Pheromone Oil for Men

There are 400 bottles available during the first run. And because we're feeling pretty festive, the holiday coupon at the end of this email may be applied during this first run!

Now... one common complaint we hear about Alpha A314 is that it's "too powerful"

Some people need that power, but if you're one of those who don't -- let's fix that right now.

Introducing: A314's younger brother. "Stealth A314 -- Young Edition".

This is A314 for the physically and biochemically young. If you're under 30, or have ever used A314 and felt a drop or two was too overpowering, the new Young Edition is for you.

By "biochemically young", I mean the people who exercise often and eat very clean often have their own naturally high pheromonal output. If this describes you, you probably already know that you require a more subtle formula.

Now you finally have a gentler version of A314 that works better with your already strong body chemistry.

The new "Young Edition" of Alpha A314 is available here:
Stealth A314 Young Edition - Trust and Respect Pheromone Oil for Men Under 35

I like this one myself! Personally, I could never use A314 more than a few times a week. It was perfect when I needed extra authority. Now I look forward to using it daily.

Note: Yes, I know calling it the "Young Edition" feels like a cop-out. "Young" gets to the point and all, but it lacks that snazzy product name buzz, right?

We considered calling it the "Young Gentleman Edition", which is accurate AND sounds cool. (you know how much we like naming accuracy) However, since we already have a Gentleman product, we would likely confuse everyone. So "Young Edition" it is. It works for now, although we're definitely open to more interesting monikers in the future.

Introducing 8 other new products in oil that people have been asking for many years now...

1. Come Talk To Me Oil

The original, completely & truly social pheromone product Come Talk To Me (CTTM) was originally sold in oil form. Then it came back as a cologne spray.

Now it's back in oil, and working better than ever. In part, due to the new Stealth diffusion package, but also due to some small tweaks for 2017 to make it even more social. All carefully protected in the new 5ml black glass dropper bottle, made in Switzerland.

It's rapidly become my favorite daily wear, as it is for many of the early adopters. It's just like when you get together with your buddies and share a pint of beer, or a glass of red wine. A true social lubricant that leads to genuinely good times.

I know better communication and connection seems so plain, but on a daily basis -- it's actually quite awesome. The benefits add up quickly. Come Talk To Me is a perpetual best seller for a reason. The new version also "feels" more fun and upbeat that the last.

Get it here at a limited, extra low launch price:
Come Talk to Me - Personal Connection Pheromone Oil For Men

2. Shine Feel Good oil

When I placed a request on the forum asking for which formulas people wanted in oil, Shine was in almost everyone's list.

So here it is. The universal booster for your emotional life and those around you. The positivity patina.

Check it out here at its limited, extra low launch price: 
Shine - Feel Good Pheromone Oil in Stealth for Men 

3. The famous "Smooth Operator" MX297 (in Akuto) is now available as MX597 in a new Stealth, oil version.

Same dose per drop as you currently get per spray with MX297. Same smooth celebrity-like formula, except with Stealth instead of the normal Akuto scent. Delivered in our new 5ml Swiss made, black dropper bottle. The change in MX # represents a change in carrier (oil) and diffusion package (Stealth unfragranced) only.

"It's best suited for those who have social anxiety. All that beta and alpha sh*t comes later.. when you are stuck in the corner in a party and too anxious to have fun and interact with people, or to just be friendly and befriend the pretty chick you are interested in, all that beta alpha crap won't help. They click in only once you have the social confidence.. MX297 gives exactly that.." -- 38 year old male real user feedback. (slightly edited for readability)

Read more about MX297 here:
The OFFICIAL MX297 Discussion Thread
Is MX297 good for younger guys?
What would you call MX297?

Get the new oil version here:
MX597 - Smooth Operator Oil in Stealth for Men

4. Honesty oil

Want to accelerate bonding and hear things you normally wouldn't, even from people you barely know?

If you've ever lost a parent or someone else close to you, you know that life isn't nearly long enough.

That's why I personally like Honesty. You get to that "have known you for years" point in relationships incredibly fast. Just like Molecule A and so many other things we offer, this is yet another formula I think Hollywood could make sci-fi movies based on. 

Our founder, Michael Harris, was the man whom, in scientific terms, "elucidated the role" of Honesty's core molecule, beta-androstenol (and so many more!)

With his unique reality first approach, he found that this and other potential pheromones don't just make girls fall out of trees as so many assumed. Rather, humans are actually social first and foremost, and should be viewed through that lens. Very proud of his accomplishment!

Unfortunately, there's always the arrows in the backs of innovators.

One of our arrows is that the cost beta-nol input costs have gone up quite a bit over time, which has made end products that use it difficult to buy for some. Moore's law, so far, has applied to very little of the types of "inputs" we use. The opposite that we hoped for.

As long as we use American and European chemists to make the molecules, we have very little choice in the matter. First world "high potency" chemistry uses safeguards and processes third world chemistry doesn't. The upside is much cleaner chemicals, which so far we've felt to be important with the more social formulas we're known for. Less impurities that lead to random results.

The downside to clean, first world, often academic environment chemistry is definitely cost, which tends to be 28 to 50 times higher than that of the third and even second world countries. Crazy difference in terms of what are called "input costs" in manufacturing.
So as a combination of a holiday surprise and launch special, we're going to launch this at low introductory price as an extra thank you to only people that have been with us for years. With the holiday coupon at the end of this email, it'll work out to half the cost of the standard spray. Happy holidays!

You can get it here:
Honesty - Communication Pheromone Oil for Men 

5. P96 is now available in oil @ 10mcg/drop.

One of the most requested molecules in oil. We've noticed that some like to use as little as 5mcg per application, while others go 15 and above. We settled at a middling 10mcg/drop for now. We're open to considering other premade dosages. (just hit reply and kindly let me know!)

Read more about P96 here: 
Putative Pheromone P96 - Attraction, Comfort, and Closeness

Available here:
Pheromone P96 Oil - Attraction, Comfort, Seduction, Closeness Oil

6. Molecule A oil aka TAA megadose oil

One of our most missed and best selling (and feeling!) oils of all time, Molecule A oil is back at a lower price, higher dosage, and the superior, new 5ml Swiss made dropper bottle.

25% higher dosage per drop (25mcg vs 20mcg). Now enhanced and made transparent with the Stealth carrier and additive package. There's really no detectable scent at all with this one. Just those potent, soaring feelings many people get upon exposure.

Great for parties. Less intimate than Come Talk To Me, certainly, but still fun. I like to think of Molecule A oil as "fun in a bottle". It really is!

One marketing consultant we let try it a few years back said "It makes your face buzz!" He wanted to call it "Face Buzz". Hahaha. Of course, people experience it in different ways. But we thought that was pretty funny.

Although Molecule A is the core molecule in Shine, it's different. Shine is a little more warm and human. Literally more of a youthful, happy "shiny" vibe. Whereas Molecule A oil is more like pure distilled fun. Elated feelings. The "hits" you get from it are generally from making people feel really excited. You're more like a roving party.

You can get it here, also at an extra low re-launch price for the holidays:
Molecule A Oil for Men

7. Molecule C (TAC) 7.5mcg/drop

The molecule everyone loves to add to their mixes.

Read more about TAC here:
Pheromone TAC (Test Molecule C) - Social, Feel Good, Sensual

Again, we've picked a middling dosage based on usage ranges we've observed.

Available here:
Molecule C Oil for Men

8. P85 @ 7.5mcg. The "Social Smoother" Or "Social Synergy" molecule that "brings it all together"

Based on a special request from one our very intriguing members, we offer you P85 @ 7.5mcg/drop.

This wonderful member currently has a 10mcg spray, and based on his experiments, guesses that 7.5mcg to 15mcg might hit just the right spot. He finds that 30mcg is an overdose. We've elected to launch this at 7.5.

We're making 100 bottles, as the oil production process makes it very difficult to make less bottles. The upside is that you can join in on the fun, too! And at a very good price.

Check it out here: 
Pheromone P85 Oil 7.5 mcg/drop

Do you need any help figuring this stuff out?

Overwhelmed with all this selection? Have you tried chatting with one of our star pheromone consultants? No judgements or weird sales pressure. Just a good ol' friend on the other line who listens and suggests awesome solutions to your relationship and business challenges. Look for the little blue chat bubble on the bottom right hand corner of our site! 

Remember to include age, gender, and your goals. We'll help take the guesswork out of formula selection and get you situated into products that work for your personal chemistry. 

Say hi to us today! ‚Äč

I hope the new releases get you excited!

We've been working hard this holiday season to push out the products people have requested for some time now. A series of holiday gifts to our dedicated fans.

Thank you

PS -- If you're curious about other new releases, I can say that the next ones coming down the pipeline are releases of Raw Power and Dirty (androstenone + copulins). Including an "ultraclean" version of Raw Power, using the world's finest and most expensive synthesis of androstenone. The famously powerful MX292/MX353 is also on the drawing board.

If those strong androstenone products just aren't for you (as they aren't for many of our social loving clients), then feel free to pick up any of the new oils above now. They're limited runs of a lot of very cool stuff, many at extra great launch prices. They'll be a lot of fun this holiday season, especially closer to New Years!

We've made only 200 bottles of each of the above, except for the new versions of A314, where we made 400 bottles of each. As is usual, we'll trickle all into the cart to keep order flow & fulfillment manageable.

As for the heavy androstenone products, these may have to wait until the beginning of 2017. We're already crazy busy here, and frankly, we just aren't sure if the base version of Stealth v1 is appropriate for heavy androstenone products.

Androstenone is a very smelly pheromone, which might not be appropriate with how Stealth v1 works. Depends heavily on the tastes of the wearer, and especially the kinds of people you're looking to affect. Stealth + heavy androstenone will not lead to the "freshly showered man" scent many women say they prefer.

We'd like to hear from you to know if we should concentrate on adding scent neutralizers (which WILL have at least some scent of their own) or if normal transparent, yet enhancing Stealth is OK. This a true engineering and consumer preference challenge. To say the least. D

Aside from the powerful new feelings, none products, other new new releases won't occur at least until early 2017. Not unless we didn't remember something obvious that we can make and put into our catalog quickly. If so, just let me know! You can actually hit reply to this email, and I'll get 

PPS -- Thanks again!

Thanks again for reading, and for your patronage and feedback over the years.

As slow as it seems it took to release Stealth, R&D in anything even remotely related to fragrance or scent takes a long, long time. The nose is tricky, as are the feelings that our special molecules evoke. Two of the most tedious things in the entire world to engineer for. 

Fragrance itself is also "black box" industry, with endless trade secrets and very few formulators in the industry willing to share any information whatsoever.

For these reasons, as slow as it might have seemed, we actually couldn't have done it as quickly as we did without your honest feedback. Thank you! We appreciate you and hope to make you proud.

PPPS - As of December 23rd, we're back to the normal 1-3 day handling time shipping for most non-custom orders. Customs take about a week (including ExperiMones).

Very complex custom orders take the longest. While we welcome challenges normally, kindly keep in mind that ExperiMones, custom formulas and alterations are completely bespoke. Custom made just for you.

Unfortunately, very complex orders and holiday time surges don't mesh very well together. We look forward to accepting the challenges of complex orders after New Years. Thank you for understanding.

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Now on to the product. Well so far I have seen that this product does what it says. Opening sets whether night or day is alot friendlier. Interactions with majority of women in the past days have been alot less stress free and chill. This and along with Turn up the heat are great products. I look foward to checking more products of theirs!"
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