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  HUGE NEWS: Stealth Breakthrough

It's Time to Go Stealth

After many exhaustive years of public & private tests, I’m pleased to announce the exclusive and (for now) limited release of the new Stealth v1.0 unfragranced package for men, and the Nude v1.0 unfragranced package or women.

The difference is in name only. Stealth and Nude are powered by the same concept and formula. Each name is intended to make sense to their respective audience.

Now you'll be able to use a wide variety of formulas undetected. If a product contains androsterone, people can smell that, but many other pheromones have little obvious odor. Copulins also have a smell which can be obvious.

However, Honesty, Shine, Come Talk To Me, Openness, iSexy, Molecule A, Molecule H, P96, and many others will either be undetectable or smell like a gentle, natural human scent, which is usually discounted by the conscious mind.

With many of the gentler formulas, you may even be able to use them in scent free environment, as now all of the molecules in the product occur in nature. Nothing artificial anymore. And you can't easily single out and ban nature. Nature is already carried into buildings in more ways than you can count.

Invisible Vapor Physics: Undetectable by Design but not by Mind 

Driving our Stealth package is an especially developed carrier fluid, enhanced by natural and nature bio-identical additives. This ingredient synergy helps to lift the active pheromonal ingredients from skin to air. It increases diffusion and alters fixation when necessary. This makes fast-acting molecules last longer and slow acting molecules act faster.

It's just version 1.0, but it's amazing how they the formulators accomplished this. These act something like adaptogens do in the nutritional world. It's the type of product performance so far unseen in the fragrance world. 

For v1.0 of the package, we decided to go without fragrance neutralizers, which could help to counteract the scent of the pheromones themselves. This is because these neutralizers tend to have quite a bit of scent on their own.

We've found that today's scent neutralization additives also remove a remarkable effect the Stealth v1.0 package has:

It elevates any fragrance you use it with, including your own natural, human scent

That’s right. It's like what really good sea salt, olive oil, butter and truffles do to food. Or like MSG without the headaches.

It actually combines with both human and synthetic scent molecules and takes them to the next level, making them smell far more rich and luxurious. Elevating them.

This was originally an unintended side effect! But as it’s sort of mind boggling (in a good way), we decided to go full force with it. It ended up steering our other design decisions. To keep this effect, we needed to remove several other additives which also tested well with our user base, but which added too much scent of their own or inhibited the scent enhancement effect.

But trust me — this "instant upgrade" effect is pretty darn cool.

Based on your feedback, we can either slightly increase or decrease this effect in the next revisions. And you can help decide which products, such as the smellier androstenone products, might require some scent neutralization tech to be added in the future.

Now Natural & Nature Bio-Identical. As Low Toxin & Eco-Friendly as you can get

What’s more, all additives are either natural or nature bio-identical. 

Bio-Identical simply means that, even when a molecule is made in a lab, it’s equivalent to that found in nature. Synthesized by a human being, yes. Artificial, no.

The pheromones we use in our products are also nature bio-identical. 

No persistent organic pollutants as found in many of today's colognes and perfumes. No polycyclic or nitro musks, or anything else listed as chemicals of concern by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) website.

These are simply the most eco friendly products we’ve ever made, and perhaps the most eco friendly product any cologne and perfume manufacturer has ever made.

That means something huge…

It means that when Stealth unfragranced package is used, our products are now either natural or as good as natural. Natural & natural equivalent, as they are a mix of both truly nature derived and bio-identical components

These products are now almost as human as you and me. Everything in the product goes back to nature within a month and a half. Even the glass that it’s contained in will eventually return to nature.

Our most Hypoallergenic formulas yet: Friendlier to those with Allergies & Sensitivities

And more big news, especially to our extra sensitive clients.

These are also the most hypo-allergenic products we’ve yet released, both by from the selected choice of ingredients and meticulous manufacturing hygiene. 

Many contract manufacturers focus on slashing costs and squeezing pennies from their wholesale clients. They change product lines as fast as they can. Because we manufacture our own products, we can take more time and use an internal standard higher than any facility that's out of our control.

We change the processing tubing for every product between fills. That may seem like a small thing, but it's huge. It's only compulsory to clean tubing, not to change it, so a wide majority of cosmetic product manufacturers cut costs by simply flushing their lines, sometimes with toxic solvents. Yet the strongest solvents do not clean persistent chemicals from the line. Some stay behind to be gradually washed into the next product line being filled.

We also extensively clean the air, both for the health of our workers and to prevent cross contamination.

So while there will be allergens present in our fulfillment center (who doesn't have a granola bar in the lunch room?), very few make their way into the bottle because of our standard practices and extra precautions.  

Now, in full disclosure, I want to say that a small amount of allergens may still get into the bottle. While we practice very good standards, and have made huge strides here, it's not a specialized anti-allergen facility. Not yet. However, I’ve never heard of anybody as sensitive to fragrance based allergens as much as some people are sensitive to, say, peanuts. But I want to make sure you know, just in case you are.

I have seasonal allergies myself. I know people with fragile health, and those with chemical sensitives. I have at least a sample of what some people go through, and can empathize. I even know people who've moved to Montana to escape made made allergens. I feel deeply for them. 

So I want to make sure that the most sensitive people understand that "more hypoallergenic" won't necessarily mean "perfectly hypoallergenic". 

As has always been the case, if you don't like it, you can just just send it back for a full refund. Just kindly provide us some feedback so we can improve next time around. But if you feel you're one of the most sensitive people you've ever met, and want to hold out for more feedback, I completely honor and respect that decision. First and foremost, we want to keep you safe. That's the #1 priority.

How to Get It

Go look at the store now, and you'll see the "Stealth Unfragranced" option for men's products, and "Nude Unfragranced" for women. Many by default. The only limitation, is that they're for spray products only, at the moment, and not for A314 oil or sprays.

If there's anything you want that's not active yet, just let us know by writing to or by visiting We'll add it for you.

We've already shipped the first batch this past week to the earliest adopters, and now have enough in our fulfilment center right now to produce another pilot batch of 300 bottles. We'll be in high gear in what's often called  "just in time" or  "agile manufacturing" mode.

We'll watch what's ordered, and make larger batches of the most popular ones.

As long as no other modifications are requested, and as long as we’re not completely overwhelmed (sometimes these emails generate an overwhelming response), these will ship out much more quickly than completely custom products. We estimate a 2 to 5 day delay at tops. And, of course, without the lab fee. Standard prices. And the extra bonus is that agile manufacturing guarantees the freshest products.

If we get swamped, you may have to add another day or two, as we'd had to do with many launches. Our apologies ahead of time. But we're sending this email in pieces, so as not to overwhelm fulfilment this time, haha. The earlier you get into the order queue, the earlier yours will go out. On those days when everything goes just right, the delays will be minimal.

While you may have to get in line, as this our hottest release in years, we're working to keep it as short as possible. And I know it'll be worth it.

I've waited for this myself for quite some time, and think what the formulators have done is astonishing. I know many of you have been waiting far longer than me, and I'm certain based on my testing that you will be impressed.

We've been doing our best this holiday season to make what people have asked for years. We just wanted to do things right, which does take quite a long time in an industry and a field of science where everything moves very slowly.

I truly hope you’ll be happy with what we’ve been working on.

Thanks for reading. You can post feedback and questions on the forum, but since this you're in the very first part of the new product launch, you can also feel free to ask questions in our handy chat found in the lower right hand corner of our site. Or write to Lastly, you can reach us by phone or Skype by calling 800-671-6464 ext 1 (425-786-2001 ext 1 Internationally).

The phone, of course, is the first thing to become overwhelmed during a launch. We recommend that you chat or write in, if you can, so we can better manage the inquiries.

Thanks again.

All the best,

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