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Androtics Direct :: Pheromone Oil (Slow Release)

Advantages of our pheromone oils:
--> Long lasting. Most average a 12 hour release (actual release time varies with your unique skin chemistry)
--> Best in hot areas with low humidity
--> Mellow, smooth effects
--> Highest value. You get approximately 135 drops per 5 mL bottle. At 2 drops a day, each bottle lasts 33 2-day weekends. When used 5 days a week, each bottle lasts more than 2 months
--> Costs Less Than Coffee. Average cost to use most of our oil products is ranges from a few cents per use on the low end, and up to the cost of a nice coffee per use on the high end. There is nothing else in the world that does so much for so little
--> Manufacturer Direct. We're the manufacturer, and we work for you. You get the most for your money, including the world's only products made from the best, all American and European made pheromones (except where noted)
--> Exotic and Sustainable Sourcing. Essential oils, when used, are sourced from the most exotic and fragrant areas around the world from tradesmen, harvesters and wildcrafters who protect the supply for generations to come. 
--> Takes 20-30 minutes to work with your body chemistry to reach full effect
--> Not good for first time pheromone users who want more dramatic results. When you're trying pheromones for the first time, use our spray products instead (unless you live in an unusually hot area.)

  Pheromone Oil (Slow Release)
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Come Talk to Me - Personal Connection Pheromone Oil For Women
Click here for more info
Come Talk to Me - Personal Connection Pheromone Oil For Women

Invite personal and intimate conversations in an air of acceptance -- even with complete strangers -- with Come Talk to Me for Women. 

Retail: $120.00
Our price: $90.00 (€ 78.30), save 25%

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Drive Him Crazy - Flirty Pheromone Oil for Women
Click here for more info
Drive Him Crazy - Flirty Pheromone Oil for Women

Drive him insane with desire with this classic luxury pheromone oil, Drive Him Crazy. Click the bottle to find out more! 

Our price: $120.00 (€ 104.40)

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Lust After Me - Romantic Pheromone Oil for Women
Click here for more info
Lust After Me - Romantic Pheromone Oil for Women

Linger in his mind long after you're gone, with the classic pheromone perfume oil, Lust After Me. Click the bottle to find out more! 

Our price: $110.00 (€ 95.70)

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Molecule A Oil for Women
Click here for more info
Molecule A Oil for Women

Reduce personal space and make people "brighten up" when you're around with Molecule A. Tap to learn more about Molecule A Oil! 

Retail: $99.00
Our price: $70.00 (€ 60.90), save 29%

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Product Review


Just got mine today. Very clean and pleasant scent. I purchased the Heavy Ammunition version (I'm 36yrs old, caucasian) and 3 sprays initially (wrist, chest,b ack of neck) was my scent limit. 3 hours later and the scent is still there. Will definitely wear around the office or jazz/piano bars at the 3 spray or less level, nite clubs or sports bars etc. I would probably bring the bottle along for an extra spray.

Haven't had time to put the pheromone content to the test yet but i purchased this specifically because it was intended to be a "cologne" type pheromone spray. In that regard, the scent works for me and have no doubts about the efficacy of the pheromones underneath.

btw, the package got here before USPS could even update their tracking info! "
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