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Product Review

"Before I get into functionality here, I will talk about the smell alone. It is a GREAT smell. I would literally buy this for the smell alone, as just a cologne, whether there were pheromones in it or not. I am a new pheromone user, but I have tried several other products, unscented and scented, so I know for a fact that I AM one of the percentage of humans who can smell pheromones, so I know for a fact that it's an awful, musky scent. However, I didn't even get a hint of that with this stuff.

I am not sure if that was due to content or what. I will say this about effects, the first day I got it, I had just gotten up for the morning and was all groggy and tired. I simply sprayed a tiny bit so I could smell the spray nozzle. I thought it was a huge bust, and then about 30 seconds later I had a huge uncontrollable smile on my face and was energetic, awake, and happy and ready to go. This is the only problem: tolerance. It worked for a few days after that, and then the effects started to diminish. It continued to work (along with Instant Openness) on others, making them more open and talkative with me, but I had really hoped it would continue to work on me. Sometimes the two together get me in trouble, for being late to things, haha. This is because sometimes people won't let me go and just keep talking to me.

I am starting to wonder if the product works mostly through aromatherapeutic chemicals rather than pheromones. Either way, it doesn't really matter, because it works, and smells great.

I have one last thing to say, a suggestion: please try to make this in an oil-based form. The spray disperses faster, but an oil based form would last much longer for one application, and I would be more inclined to buy the larger bottles. This would be nice for all your products, especially Openness.

In the end, I like your products. The regular strength products have sort of light effects with very nice, light and fresh smells. They aren't quite as strong as some others I have tried, but like I said, the smell alone is worth the Instant sizes. And I absolutely love how this company sends a free tester with every order. I don't know if you send more free products the more you spend, but if you don't PLEASE DO. "
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