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Product Review

"What really stuns me about Instant Openness is that the effects fit the description in the ad so absolutely spot on!

It says, "A great way to get things started!" and "Relax and watch the barriers melt away. " And that's EXACTLY what it does! I sometimes suffer from social anxiety, and while I've overcome the vast majority of it, I still find it difficult sometimes to break the ice with people I don't know. But give me some of this stuff, and I literally change how I feel and think... no longer do I sit there wondering what to say, I just say stuff, and it comes out and the conversations starts up and everything's good. I feel more open, comfortable, playful, and "in place" when I wear Instant Openness.

For breaking the ice when socializing, this stuff is worth it's weight in gold! Once you've broken the ice, it's not hard to steer the conversation in whatever way you want... so I suppose this could be considered a sexual product, in an indirect way. But it's just as useful for making friends and networking!"
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