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Product Review

"Okay I'll start out by saying WOW. I'll try to keep this as short as possible, but if it ends up longer than I intended oh well lol. And yes this is so long I doubt this site will post my feedback, even though it's positive lol. That's okay though.
I went to Rutgers University Honors College about a decade ago on a full scholarship and my major was pharmacology. I'm VERY familiar with what mankind currently knows about how the brain works. I also have used / abused a total (I made a list once lol) of around 55 DIFFERENT CHEMICAL substances that are drugs, by the technical definition. Most were and still are legal, whether by prescription or the DEA just cannot keep up with mankind's seemingly endless quest to control their mood - for whatever reason. Mine were going to "other worlds" with psychedelics but mostly just because I was always a shy person, especially around girls (before using chemical "supplements" - which I definitely do NOT advise using because in the end leads to suffering guaranteed) Anyway the first time I used pheromones I was assuming it was "BS". I did my research online, but something didn't fit. Why hadn't I heard of these before and why aren't they either: sold everywhere OR banned by the government (maybe that's why they're legal- they don't sell them in stores) Anyway yea the first time I used them (I think it was the A314) I was at a New Years party, had been off of all 'drugs' for months and used it before going out to the party. Well I had completely forgot that I had put it on. That is until I found myself literally being "trapped" against a wall by these two gorgeous girls (I was probably 18 years old). they were acting like cats and I was the catnip. Now I "relapsed" lol that night and used a low dose of GBL (like alcohol without the bad parts of it) and a good friend walked by and gave me a look like "oh yea nice job", referring to having these girls pushing me against the wall just completley coming on to me. Now without chemicals ("drugs", pheromones - same thing technically), I am VERY SHY like I said. But when my friend gave me that look I suddenly remembered I had used the pheromones for the first time that night. Until something shows a manifestation of power, I do not believe it. Well I became a believer that moment. Had a great time. That was back in 2001 - 2002 New Years Eve. I've been using pheromones ever since, on and off. I can tell you guys (and ladies), that there is NO DOUBT this works. Apparently just as "drugs" affect, by enhancement or blocking of certain natural neurotransmitters, it seems that in the olfactory area of the human nose- like many to most animals seem to have, there are receptors that, though VERY far from what the medical field acknowledges as being the locations WITHIN the brain itself, pheromones produce VERY SIMILAR effects by binding to or otherwise affecting receptors inside the nose. The effect is quick and effective to say the least. You guys who've used these incredible products know what I mean. I will wake up in the morning with my first thought being "oh **** another day", but before even reaching for my prescriptions (all "legitimate" -whatever that means lol), I reach for my bottle of (almost always) INSTANT SHINE. It isn't like most drugs I've done, though I have used certain pheromones/combination products that DEFINITELY DO "mess you up" but in a positive goofy way", like the now discontinued "Space-land". Man that stuff said don't drive while spraying it and they WERE NOT JOKING. That stuff got you HIGH and this website was wise to remove it from their product ling, because it would have drawn unnecessary negative attention not only to this website, but to pheromones in general- probably leading to the FDA/DEA banning them. Yes it happens all the time with products that actually WORK. But INSTANT SHINE puts a smile, and often laughter, on my face within 30-60 seconds. It's that simple. I cannot STRESS how effective -all their products really- are in bringing about positive results in not only social situations, but I use the stuff when I'm feeling "down" and it brings me up. Now don't be worried about this because I don't believe these, though naturally occurring substances known as pheromones are produced by our own bodies, the use of these products goes way beyond the 'normal effects' of what our bodies produce. That being said: they work, and very well for what they are sold for, but I've found - mostly the INSTANT SHINE (mostly because I prefer sociability and good mood over the other products effects) to be definitely psychologically addictive.
When I start to run low I will order more NO MATTER WHAT. Now this could just be because I love what it does to myself and those around me. It's like a little MDMA that you can use safely constantly. So the pheromones themselves may not be addictive, but the RESULTS ARE and once you use them in a socially appropriate situation you will know what I mean. If the FDA bans these things, I will find a way to acquire them lol. So if you are analogical to the point of functional paralysis in social situations: trust me and just try it. It gets rid of that stinking' thinking' that women and men can "smell" a mile away and is unattractive.
People like 'upbeat', smile and say 'hi' sort of people. And the girls flirting with me is kind of cool yeah ;-) Watch out though. As somebody else posted in their review it can be awkward in a situation with a couple. EVERY TIME, the girl will literally completely ignore her boyfriend, and focus on my with wide eyes (which indicates a possible increase in serotonin and other 'feel good' chemicals), but it can get awkward in those situations be sure of that.
These are far more powerful than people realize. And there is a 'rebound' effect. Any girl you are dating who is used to the pheromones, if you break up with them, expect all hell to break loose because while yes it could be coincidental, but since I've been using these products ending a relationship with a girl has without fail caused the girl to go CRAZY and aggressive and not in a good way. I mean like "call the police have you arrested" or "text and/or call your phone for 3 days NONSTOP" kind of way. So please just be aware these aren't toys. Use them with wisdom and enjoy them because your life just might take a turn you never thought possible. (In a good way I mean ;-) God bless!"
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